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the first acorns

They are big and so green!

Found under a huge, old (and very shady) oak tree during a walk yesterday.

And so appropriate that this 1920’s photograph folder has such a pretty acorn border on the front (a recent etsy purchase):

Is it rude to say I like the folder more than the photograph? There’s something about her that’s a bit too quirky.

And sketchings.

Yesterday I started a new painting, a pairing for my most recent “Honeybee Stories”. And I have an additional theater idea now too, which I might start tomorrow.

Honey Bee Stories

Bee imagery, stories, skeps, curtained little scenes, skeleton keys dangling on ribbon, bees flying away from her hive to the others, the ones high in the trees!

I have been working on the details of this piece for some time now, and it’s finally complete and I am happy with it so far. I think it has inspired a whole series, as my sketchbooks are full of various compositions such as this one.

Honey Bee Stories is now available as a print in my shop.

The original is 16″ by 20″ on an ampersand panel and it’s completed in acrylics and paper. There’s so many little areas of story going on here (besides the fact that it is curtained in a theater-like manner). I wanted the whole painting to be golden (and slightly antique in appearance), like transparent honey.

It’s hard to see all the details in my low resolution scan, so here are the snippets, the areas of story…

I matted a print and framed it with an antique frame I had been saving.

I just love to add little details.

I forgot how much I enjoy painting like this- small images and mysterious things going about in a larger, narrative painting. This piece was definitely an offshoot of a piece created two summers ago. Today will be spent in my cool studio room (thank goodness its too hot here to go outside midday!) sketching and working through the beginnings of another painting.

Have a great day!

Shelburne Museum, cont’d

I love this museum! More highlights of antique art pieces from my visit to Vermont. The rooms were dark and things were behind glass, but here are some favorites to inspire!

There were over 200 hat boxes and band boxes on display.

A detail and a bonnet!


I love the shape of her dress and the pose (look at the little horse on the table!)

There were rooms of diorama’s and doll house rooms, bird stores, general stores, hat shops. The museum rooms that housed these were so dark, and each little diorama was illuminated.

The dollhouse rooms were in little boxes hung on the wall.

For some reason this drew me in. I think it was the hummingbird in the snug little nest!

I love all the little layered details and glazes.

Although I didn’t see it happen, the layered paper images in this piece move…

These two guys were so sweet paired behind the glass.

There was a room of dollhouses. I love how this one looked so golden.

A favorite scrimshaw on the shelf…

And two more things…

This pipe is so silly.

That’s it for now! I am off to finish the tiny details of my honeybee painting, then scanning the final piece with hopes of posting it here later on today.

apothecary and herbs

We went to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont and it was sensory overload! Much bigger than expected, I could a full week there studying and sketching the fascinating items on display and roaming the beautiful grounds. The museum is full of folk art, textiles, dolls and doll houses, automata, and other odd 17th to 20th century artifacts. I’ll be posting some of my favorite (photographable) things from the museum in the next few days, in themed groups. But for now…

Old time Apothecaries fascinate! So many strange (and not so strange) things all bottled up on display. Shelburne has an amazing apothecary room and collection.


Dragons blood and unicorn…

gardens outside

The hearth was aflame! It was hot in the little cabin, but a children’s camp was cooking inside and making bread outside! I live the earthiness of this stone fireplace.

more gardens, of yarrow

by my little dream house…

more very soon!

a snippet of a work in progress

Painting detailed scenes of honeybee stories as of late! Here is a work in progress, a small snippet of a much larger scene…

I am so, so excited about this piece! I’ve been working secretly on it for some times and I can’t wait to put a print of it up in my shop. Despite the heat and beautiful weather, tomorrow will be spent in my painting room finishing it.

Vermont has left me totally inspired. My eyes kept roaming the countryside looking for honeybee keepers, which were all around. It was a coincidence that this painting was in progress before the trip.
Also, we went to the most magical folk art museum which has left me completely in awe and inspired too! I will post some photos of my favorite things from that very soon too. I hope tomorrow!

the results are in….

The fox name submissions were collected, cut and put into a little white fox house (I’m not sure if he lives in the proper white house or in the brush pile!)

And a name was randomly pulled (thank goodness for randomness, as the name submissions were all so sweet, and I enjoyed reading them so much!)

Congrats to Jillian! What she says about her chosen fox name…

I’ll name him Mr. Sinopa Edward III ! ( Sinopa meaning Native American Blackfoot name meaning fox.. edward the third just to make him royal)
I like it!

Jillian, please email me with your addy so I can send the locket to you! And thanks to everyone for entering!!! I am just back from Vermont and I have lots to catch up on, so for now, I’ll be off!

fox locket giveaway this week!

What’s that you see? Is it a fox locket?…..

yes indeed! I decided to do this giveaway again, to thank all those who visit my blog (despite my times of non-postings). And for keeping me inspired! THANK YOU!!!!

It’s a mini print snippet from my original oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair affixed to the front of a golden vintage locket. The fox is covered in a shiny, UV varnish to protect it from the elements. And inside the locket, there are two mini prints from the same painting as well (girls this time!)

The locket will string around your neck with a muted gold velvet ribbon.

To enter just give Mr. Fox a first name (and last if you’d like!!) in the comments here. On Saturday, July 25th I will pull a name for Mr. Fox out of my hat. If it’s you the locket is yours!

And now, we are off to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont!

a bit on how things come together

Sketching faces on cotton watercolor paper (my favorite!). Still undecided on the hair.

Sketch of scarlet tanager’s in my giant book from June (the pages do not fit into my scanner)

And a collage of it all (with my hand and favorite papers) in my watercolor album.

Just playing around, process journaling.

A giveaway will be posted Monday, so please visit soon to enter!

milkweed pod nest and other things

…inspiring me today. It’s Friday and I have been painting the day away, which is so blissful! Taking a bit of a different direction with acrylics now, painting up little (or very big) scenes of surreal things in earthy colors.

Also been playing with arrangements of favorite found things on my shelf, inspiring the paintings…

The feather was found last week. Do you know what kind of bird it is from?

Also, this nest is the most compact little thing to behold! I think it is lined with milkweed seeds. I found it on the ground in a meadow by a pond in February. It looked as though it was freshly made, and had fallen from the tree. I need to know who made it!

Yesterday I went to a lovely old mill (which has been converted into an antiques mall) with my mom and shopped for old things. I think this print emits the most pretty, etherial vibe. And the colors are so inspiring. Golden, earthy browns and blues.

And the reflection in the photo make it even more so.

The purchase of the day was this giant woven doctor bag-ish purse, the perfect summer bag which I have search and searched for.

A little side note…I am putting together a sweet giveaway which will be posted on Monday!

tugging on our neck ribbons

Just finished up this painting of two little forest wanders (or woodland dwellers for that matter)
They seem a bit apprehensive about the birds playful tugging. I think that they are The Bumblebee Sisters in their childhood.