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clover and primrose

…growing by the sea. Oh, we are having such a summer. I don’t care if it never, ever ends. Taking trips to the ocean is one of my favorite things to do so far. And we found a new spot!

So peaceful and inspiring. I snuck away for some alone time while my husband and little one played in the sand. The board walk was small but it was a quiet bee and butterfly oasis with all sorts of wild things growing in the sun. Simple, small wonders and wild things make life big and rich and beautiful. I have been working on keeping my eyes wide open for these things and they are inspiring me to pieces. Thank you all for visiting here in quiet times, and happy summertime ramblings to all!

september’s end

Oatmeal cardigans and apple picking. Windowpanes and golden light. Waking up to the sound of the crows caw. The smell of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon filters through our rooms, apple pies baking with crispy, sugar topped crust. Days spent at the park with my little guy, swinging… giggling… taking dreamy walks. First steps and leaf collecting, raspberry picking. Crisp pages in forgotten and new books. Reading and curling up with a quilt as the nights get longer and chilly. Life has been so completely full.

I have been extremely, all too quiet here as of recent. August flew as it does. September in all it’s golden glory has swept me off my feet. In autumn time I find myself so vividly awake. Ideas are filtering through my head and in dreams, hopefully to get out onto sketchbooks soon. If not I think I will go crazy. Hello October!

Something I have been meaning to share for some time now…..

Beardtongue flowers (part of the foxglove family, growing wild in a meadow) and the full moon last night from my studio window.

Absolutely, positively soaking in and savoring these past weeks of summer. The last week in June I said goodbye to my job, my commute and all else that went along with my former busybody life. And I say former due to the fact that I have given up my beloved day job to stay at home with my little boy and paint. A great big change for our little family indeed! I am so, so excited and grateful for all that is and will be. These past few weeks we have been falling into our groove a bit, going to the park, swimming, going on long walks, visiting with friends and family and enjoying nature and town life. And s l o w i n g down (the best part of all). I can’t even begin to express how happy my heart is. Happy summer!

inside, outside rainy days

I hope everyones Easter and/or Passover was nice! It has been quite rainy here (with the exception of a few very nice sunny hours today. I have been taking rainy walks, meandering outside if only for a bit. I just love it outdoors in the rain, indoors in the cozy dark. Yesterday I bought the most yummy blueberry tea (more on favorite teas a later date!) And oh dear my orchids are suddenly not doing too good… buds are falling off before blooming?? Today was back to work. Well, outside to do some walking with my little one!

winter treasures

In my state of extreme busyness…so many photos not posted this winter! I have been documenting my favorite seasonal things here and there, these are my winter things (totally justified as we are still in a winter state weather-wise round these parts). Last week was a wintery, blustery mess (complete with a snow day, hooray). Let’s just say that I am quite happy to be packing some of these things away till next year (ditto for the chocolate).

1. plaid wool scarf
2. beret from the thrift shop
3. a favorite anthropologie shirt dress that was worn for the entire holiday season (it’s soooo comfy)
4. mittens with fingerless gloves underneath were a must for long stroller walks in the chilly air with my little one (actually wore mittens today, so much for spring)
5. nib brittle, yum!
6. blue willow chard found in the swamp (my little mr is quite the adventurous baby now!)
7. the best tea towel ever, from a bag sale
8. super cozy socks!

And my most-favorite chocolate bar of the moment (well, one of them). Dark chocolate nib brittle with the cutest little label. Purchased at Whole Foods, strongly recommended. I am so into candies and chocolates these days.

And a very happy spring to all (please come soon!)


trying to get things done, really I am.

wild roses, swamp lilies, scissors and things

Have been getting out more, finally! Before all the rain came we took Little O to the lake and sat down a bit for a short picnic. Now the skies are rainy and gray and it is quite depressing. I usually like rainy days but I have spent so much time inside I am itching to go exploring with my little one! Indoors, I have been playing with all my new collections and things.
I have been collecting ship plaques and tiny antique scissors.
The wild roses are still blooming here.
Tomorrow is the start of my most favorite month!

today (to pass the time)

Today was so perfectly overcast and peaceful.

A bit of chaos.

Covering many buttons with snippets of autumnal-hued fabric (to adorn a thrift shop coat I purchased a few days ago).

Took a walk round and round the pond at my favorite outdoor spot.

Then it rained!

A bit of calm before the storm, stream-side with wildflowers and cat tails…

March into April…

Already? I happily lost track of time. My computer has been in a perm “off” mode. Living and loving the outdoors.

And this

We saw Joanna Newsom at Town Hall. Surprisingly she was only playing one show in New York City, and somehow we managed to be seated front row. The show was breathtaking, an audience so silent and focused you could hear a pin drop. One of the most beautiful, inspiring concerts I’ve been to in awhile.


these are a few of my favorite things

Inspired by a recent and very beautiful post by Encore Petite I would like to share some things that make me happy. First, I must honor the real essence of life that makes me happy- my husband, my kitty (and the presence of all animals for that matter), creating art, tea and time spent with friends, sunbeams and being outside, music…these make me the happiest. But these are not things. So here are the things that make me happy. Just little bits kept in my studio that I can hold in my hand and be inspired by~

♥Fabric and pretty blouses that pick up the sheer beauty of sunbeams through a rain-soaked, foggy (and now open) windows that has not seen the sun in days.

♥ A teeny-tiny bit of my old frame collection (my favorite is the wooden black forest frame):

♥ Blue Jay feathers from my collection (although Blue Jays are not the kindest of birds their blue-striped feathers are so beautiful)

♥ Vintage brooches from my collection:

♥ And this one is my favorite (although it might tie with the little faux-scrimshaw ship)

♥ Oh, and ruffles!
♥ Old books with birds printed on the covers

♥ This one is my favorite!

♥ And, finally, the table (a shrine-of-sorts) where I set up found, vintage, and nature things that inspire.

♥Especially the bits of wasp comb that I found this winter during a snowy storm.

♥ And outside the studio, abandoned cottages on rainy days in the back woods (this one I am particularly fascinated with.)

♥Which leaves me with a favorite promise of spring…snowdrops covered in raindrops peaking out from decayed leaves.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite things?