fox locket giveaway this week!

What’s that you see? Is it a fox locket?…..

yes indeed! I decided to do this giveaway again, to thank all those who visit my blog (despite my times of non-postings). And for keeping me inspired! THANK YOU!!!!

It’s a mini print snippet from my original oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair affixed to the front of a golden vintage locket. The fox is covered in a shiny, UV varnish to protect it from the elements. And inside the locket, there are two mini prints from the same painting as well (girls this time!)

The locket will string around your neck with a muted gold velvet ribbon.

To enter just give Mr. Fox a first name (and last if you’d like!!) in the comments here. On Saturday, July 25th I will pull a name for Mr. Fox out of my hat. If it’s you the locket is yours!

And now, we are off to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont!

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  1. Finneas. That’s a fantastic name for a fox. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  2. Oh how cute!!!! My first choice was taken already! I do not think Finnegan has been chosen. So, Finnegan the Fox.

    It is good to see that you are well. I became sad when you were not posting that often. I had especially wanted to see photos from this year’s outing at the Faerie Festival. Do have a lovely time in Vermont!!!

  3. I would call the fox sly mr farthington.It’s a lovely giveaway I hope to win.Helen

  4. I have only seen a real fox a few times in my life, once I came upon a mother fox and her young one in the woods, what a blessing for me that day! Foxes are so rare here.

    I would name the fox “Veteran” …
    because I saw the foxes at Veteran’s Park. It would be a momento I’d treasure, and a constant reminder of that magical day!

  5. Ferdinand Fitzsimmons would be a lovely name for the charming Mister Fox (I am a fan of alliteration).

  6. What a pretty locket…..I love visiting your lovely blogling! It’s always full of such nature-magic and beautiful work! Your sketchings below are stunning, and so inspiring,too! : ) Happy mid-week to you!

    Oh, and to name a foxling is a very hard thing, indeed…..perhaps Sassafras?? πŸ™‚

  7. What a beautiful locket…

    He looks like a Fern. Just Fern no last/second name. Simple.

  8. I adore all of your work and your photography is always incredible. Thank you so much for sharing, and for the chance at this giveaway!

    It would be neat if you could combine his name with the genius name of foxglove flowers.. I just love foxgloves (and foxes, of course!). Digitalis they’re called.. maybe if his name were Digit something something, or Talis.

    I also can’t help but to think his name should be old English, whimsical, or something from the deep forests..

    Just wonderful. Keep it up!

  9. I would call him Mr. Cherry Hoodwinkle. Such a girly name….;-)

    The pendant is so adorable…*fingers crossed* for this one. ….I hope to win!!!

  10. I like the name Henry Pawsley,
    so many amazing names have been given, so many people would really love to own this lovely locket, and I to am very eager to win this gorgeous peice. πŸ™‚

  11. mmm… This is a tough one, he’s a handsome red haired fella, what’s his name? mmm

    Abraham B. Fox.

    B stands for Brown, and yes he’s the quickest of his pack and loves to jump over a lazy dog named Seymour.

  12. Has no one spoken up for Reynard? Reynard is a grand good fox name.

    I also like Sorrel. A fine herb and a fine name for a fox!:D

    Do we know our Fox is a Mr.? Perhaps Foxlet is a Ms! Hmmm…

  13. This is such a great idea!!

    Ill name him Mr. Sinopa Edward III ! ( Sinopa meaning Native American Blackfoot name meaning fox.. edward the third just to make him royal :P)

    *crosses fingers* AH! excited πŸ˜€ Γ’β„’Β₯

    ~ Jillian

  14. Oh it has to be ‘Reynaerde’ after the medieval story of the ‘Vos Reynaerde’. Well he’s called that in the Dutch version anyway…lovely giveaway. Am a first time visitor but have bookmarked your blog now!

  15. Mr Fox to me definately looks like an Edward. he would wear a tweed suit and bow tie. Mr Edward fox would have three little children and an adoring wife. I love Edward the fox.

  16. Ã…ÃΒ₯h my!!! this one I missed! how wonderful and lovely when it´s both a locket and your beautiful art in front….instant love..just to let you so adorable!!!!!!!!
    Now I have to kiss the big little children goodnight! tomorriw..oh oh…I´m 40..jiiiihhha *+*+***

    sun and glitter to you **********


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