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Oh hello beautiful milkweed in the morning! You harbor transformation on your silky leaves (where monarchs lay their tiny eggs.) Thank you for showing us your beautiful little pink blossoms. (This walk was really just a roundabout trip to the laundromat behind the Staples shopping mall but beauty can happen in such unlikely places.)

tiny white bell flowers

I wish I knew the name of this flowering bush, its just so pretty and simple. I’m liking simple. Witnessed on a walk around town. Then I decided to do a quick, folksy rendition inspired by them in my sketchbook.
EDIT: I figured out the name! It’s an old fashioned shrub, a Deutzia. Rare these days and it loves the shade. I love how the blossoms look a bit like snowdrops. Snowdrops in June!

painting blues and greens

Playing with some new paints on this rainy day. I’m always drawn to blues and greens. Have been painting interpretations of little patterns inspired by the pages of a japanese textile book.

just a small hello

…for today, hands are working on small, quiet things just for the sake of it. A little paper cutting and sketching and going through all my pretty papers. This leafy gold sheet is my favorite.

on my drawing table

I’ve been working in my heavy duty sketchbook. It’s a real workhorse! Some pages are more finished than others (it’s more of a process journal/ painting/ idea/ color palette book I think). I like working this way, I can work through fragments of ideas with some instant gratification of having something complete. This page I’ve decided to make into a print, which will be coming soon to my shop!

Also in this photo: Jo sonja’s paint, liquitex, and a vintage photo which is bring me so much inspiration (swansea cottage).


I think my creative muse is most wild in the springtime. Blooming and blossoming ideas and sketches right now. Outside most of the day today, sitting pond side. The air smells of cherry blossoms, the earth cool. Sketching sea ladies based on antique photos and hanging out with my little guy. Happy spring!

lately, wanderings and paintings

Been working on a lots of new paintings.

White-washed layers have been consuming my painting time.

Sketchbook pages, ideas, plannings. For the new year and now. I keep playing around with variations of a sketch of this one woman….


I found the loveliest roll of 1940’s wallpaper along a driveway, discarded.

Last Saturday I went for a snowy walk oh so early in the morning. So cold but I got to see the sun rise over the silvery trees!

Another brooch from tinyhappy. So lovely…not only because of the teeny-tiny artistry that goes into each one, but because they are made with real wool felt and hand dyes threads. These little touches really make them so uttely amazing!

I am so excited for this new year! I have some exciting art news for you that I can’t wait to spill!
Happy Holidays Everyone!


I just thought I would show a preliminary doodle in my beloved hardbound sketchbook, which follows me around everywhere.

I usually take up many pages in my book before it comes together.
Happy fall, all!


Hello hello! Happy autumn to all! I am so excited about the season, the thought of it all is too much! I am enjoying late nights with my sketchbook. I have two books for sketches, one with scratchy doodles (the kind I chicken scratch so I don’t forget) and one with more refined drawings. Keeping up with the fall goodness, staying inspired and making many plans for future paintings.

Graphite on hot pressed watercolor paper, 8 1/2 by 11 inches

a bit on how things come together

Sketching faces on cotton watercolor paper (my favorite!). Still undecided on the hair.

Sketch of scarlet tanager’s in my giant book from June (the pages do not fit into my scanner)

And a collage of it all (with my hand and favorite papers) in my watercolor album.

Just playing around, process journaling.

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