the first acorns

They are big and so green!

Found under a huge, old (and very shady) oak tree during a walk yesterday.

And so appropriate that this 1920’s photograph folder has such a pretty acorn border on the front (a recent etsy purchase):

Is it rude to say I like the folder more than the photograph? There’s something about her that’s a bit too quirky.

And sketchings.

Yesterday I started a new painting, a pairing for my most recent “Honeybee Stories”. And I have an additional theater idea now too, which I might start tomorrow.

9 replies on “the first acorns”

  1. Although, the folder is a real beauty I really like the quirky girl. She looks smirky but still she does it with a very funny twinkle in the eyes. (or do I just need new glasses?!)

  2. Acorns!!! Hoooorah!! : )
    And, oh are you going to do a shadow box!?
    I’ve been working (way too slowly, alas) on a shadowy box project for what seems like aaaages now…..I really should try to finish it! tee hee!

    I’m beaming to see what sort of theater your working on!! : )

    1. A shadow box is a good idea! I’m trying hard to stay completely flat but so inspired!
      Posted the other theater just now, and the third is 1/2 complete.
      Thank you!!!

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