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yesterday evening, meadow walk

everything was so golden.

tiger lily, finished

I have been painting the day away! Tiger lily is now finished. She has adorned her hair with the most magical flower (I would love to be a bee or humming bird!) A print will be in the shop, along with the original (me thinks!)


Telling a tale (though paints) of two girls at the edge of the woods. Way up in the trees there are ghost birdies. The gals still need a bit more work but I am so excited about this one!
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tiger lily

One of the many paintings I have in progress. She is based loosely on my last sketch.

and some progress photos…
sketch on ampersand panel in sepia colored pencils:

A sort of underpainting for her face and a completed, cloudy (and very dreamy) backdrop:


I am going to finish her this morning and then move on to a larger painting that tells a tale of missing honeybees.

finished sketch

Pomegranate symbolism. Totally subconscious (I really just wanted to draw one!) But now looking into it’s symbolism I am intrigued by its subconscious meaning to me, today. Plus like them because it looks as though they are wearing tiny crowns! Drawn and shaded in dark grey colored pencil (because the smudging of graphite drives me nuts!)
Might make it to a final painting, I think. Her neck is, however, going to be shorter. The birds will be scarlet tanagers. I am planning on working with scarlet bird imagery this summer.

There is a new surprise painting I have been working on for the past few days. I might post a snippet painting-in-progress photo of it tomorrow… as I am growing impatient to put some new paintings out!

in the woods, treasures abound

Went for a rather long foresty walk this morning, sipped my morning coffee and daydreamed about colors and painting ideas. The way the morning light hits golden on the trees is such a sight! But the best thing of all about walking alone in the woods at an early hour is looking for the littlest treasures (and other signs of fairy-ish enchantment).

There were sweet, mushroom like “pipes” that grow in mossy areas. When I was little I called them dwarf pipes. Do you know what they are called?

And to my amazement they formed a fairy ring in one tree-covered area of the ground!

I was gathering feathers and such for my collection. The best one from today, scanned.


The little hollow-stump home was perfect, it even had a garden of moss outside it’s door. And a few feet away from the stump was a lone (and very forgotten) grave stone from the 1850’s.

Pretty mushroom formation in the moss.

And a snail I could not get to come out of his shell (I wanted to see his slimy antennas!)

Lastly, a very inspiring Etsy find that I own. I just love the intricate, folksy (and very storybook) woodland border. I think it’s strange how she is inside a magnifying glass.

Now I am back to an afternoon of painting!


This vintage, wood-burned brooch is my newest (and very favorite) accessory. From etsy.
I just want to wear piles of lace and fluttery silk skirts. She has that sylph-ish disposition that I adore, and I think she will stay pinned to my shoulder all summer long!

A close up:

The rest of the day will be spent painting and listening to the soft rain outside my window. I have sooooo much artwork to do!

things to come

The last few months I have been busy developing faces, ideas, compositions for summer painting time! Taking little notes on each page so I remember what I want to do. Secret sketching time, I guess.

A spreading out of sketches on my painting room floor…

And these don’t include the sketchings in my giant book. All of this is quite dangerous, as I tend to get lost in the devopment of ideas. I must scan them in and share some close ups.
Now back to my paintings (so much more to come..)

Have a beautiful day and thanks for your visit here!