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and sunshine when she dances

Walking through the woods along a rambling brook and I spotted these terrific, vibrant yellow blooms growing amongst the composting autumn leaves of last year. They are so beautiful, so dainty with brown and green spotted-leaves. They are growing in clumps along a woodsy stream, in an almost swamp-like area. Do you you know what they are called? Oh please tell!

sketches, collaged snippets of inspirational fabric, notes in the watercolor album.

She has the sense that something is following her. Maybe feeling a bit vulnerable.

and this very sweet (and very tiny) gypsy cart (which I hope to see again tomorrow).

It’s used for story-telling at the Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival.

Happy May Days to all!

new lockets and fig buttercups

Two bits of good news. I am not mia or forgetting about this blog! I have some major time-consuming work obligations right now (which take up part of my weekend as well) but come the end of May it will end and I will be less busy! Also, I look forward to a relaxing, painting-filled and totally free summer in the coming months. I have been using this time to go back to the well, so to speak, and sketch, plan, journal. I hope to revamp this blog with more of my process, my inspirations, sketches. Would you like to see more of my sketchbooks? I’d like to know! The second bit of news is of a shop update, with a couple of lockets that feature my sketchings and bits from my oil paintings.
A preview of a vintage locket that will be in my shop within the next few days…

Close up, the blue bird is taken from Pulling on our Ribbons and Hair. I think I’m going to tie a piece of vintage fabric to the top of this one.

And the gal from the locket graces the inside of my giant sketching book/ journal.

I ventured to a swampy glen down the street to take some pics of my lockets. There are the most amazing flowers that carpet the entire woods floor, creating an almost day-glow effect. They are called Fig Buttercups, or Pilewort and they grow in moist areas (and often mix with the skunk cabbage, which is abundant here as well.)

A close-up of these sweet little perennial blooms.

I am so grateful for each and every one of your comments here! It keeps me going, inspires me to post more often… Thank you!!

sketchbook and a rainy day meadow walk

Sketches are building up all over my floor! The lucky ones are neatly organized in a very big book. I try to do at least one a day, in the book or scribbled on scrap paper.

So now I need to post them more. It’s pretty much the only thing I do right now.

A scene from a usual walk, above.

Lovely lush moss growing on a woodsy ledge in front of my parents little house.


getting ready for a new year

In cleaning my studio room today I came across some additional lockets that I had stashed away (and you can preview three of them in this post. I’ve already decided that my mini print locket days are near over, as time to source is scarce, and I am not out thrift and antique shopping much anymore. So I’ve decided to use up the lockets that I already own and offer them in my shop within the next few days…so keep a lookout if you are interested!!
AND…(in the theme of cleaning out the studio) I found a few sketchbooks/ journals that I was meaning to customize. So look forward to that shop update too!

Some time off and I’ve been playing nonstop with paints! I hope this new year is more productive for me. I’m off to a good start though… A little peek of one, unfinished and waiting for paints to dry…

And a scan of today’s inspiration, winter ferns found peaking out of the snow today and pretty vintage lace.

And sketches and sloppy notes

A beautiful new year to all.

This past month

While I have been away….

Dreaming of wintery things and taking long solitary walks through icy fields and woods.
Dreaming of ancestors and lace, ice and wildflowers, little gardens that withstand the snow and cold, honeybees and the sea…and art (this is where I tie it all together!)

And it’s not even winter yet! The iciness is lush to me, lusher than the greenest well-kept garden. And I love the color grey so winter and I along just fine. Today:

It was too cold to walk and daydream at the same time today, which broke my heart. I thrive off of long walks and daydreams.

A section of a delicate embroidery wall hanging that I found last week. I can imagine this the Queen Anne’s Lace is covered in icy and frost. A frozen field of wildflower remains.

Like this…

An abandoned nest covered in snow in a wild rose bush. I came home the other day with bloody hands from taking these photos. The thorns tear right through the mittens and destroy anything wool!

Personal imagery from the sketchbook. Been working with these particular images for some time now so we’ll see where they go. I normally don’t feel comfortable posting images from my sketchbooks/ journals but I think it’s important to show parts of the source, the process, the innerworkings…

A big old post because I’ve been away so long…tangled hair teacups and sketches

Where did the week go? And someone tells me its March already… spring will soon be here! I am so awaiting the sweet colors of spring and sitting out in the grass. Anywho, lots of inspiration and sketching here. I have been collecting pictures of flapper-ish women, muses and models for paint and sketching maybe. This one I had for years. I found her in a cigar box in an antique shop (I have another photo of here too, in a differernt pose!) She had a very, very sad life the past couple of years though. You see, she went missing, but the good news is that she was found last week. I was cleaning out my wooden box with drawers, and she was wedged between the underside of the bottom of the drawer and the dresser. She was all folded up, like an accordian, which damaged the photo and made me very, very sad.

To make me feel better I bought this gem of a little photo on Etsy, just look at these sisters! The photo came in a set which included a boy but I threw him into my scrap box, as I really don’t care about photos of boys that much. But these two sisters..I am definitely going to use them in my painted imagery.

They fulfilled my criteria for the photos I collect.. post victorian (preferable 20’s and 30’s)…soft waves in short, shiny hair, slightly out of place and frizzy…a certain facial expression that I can’t quite put my finger on, and oh the sepia…

A very cold windowsill this morning, strange little bird family, icy outside

Oh my and I bought the most pretty golden teacup earrings, at the thrift shop of all places!

They have these little saucers and even little golden spoons! And my hair always tangles all around them.

My friend bought me this pretty mug yesterday during out treasure hunt.

and the other side, sewing machines!

hehe for pure fun and whimsy… a love of tangled hair in strange places…

Which leads me to share a new love for wooden hair sticks! I bought these from Etsy and they are in need of beaded ends, which I will add. I looooove hairsticks (and my hair loves them too, they are really gentle on the strands!)

Been filling the pages of my journals with sepia tones watercolor sketches, which helps so much with underpainting and its a good reference source too. Creating a visual log of my own personal imagery for more narrative pieces in the future.

I am SO inspired by this painting by John Everett Millais:

Isn’t she a dream? She’s been a springboard for some new ideas. More sketches and other things to come!

oh wednesday

Tried painting with a feather today. Fingerpainting is much more fun.

Just two little playground pieces. I am most happy painting tight details but these loose concept sketches and assemblages sometimes get the create juices flowing. I usually keep them to myself but why not share once in awhile?

little green

just two, fragments of yesterday’s sketchbook, stitching, sketching, whitewashing, cutting.