getting ready for a new year

In cleaning my studio room today I came across some additional lockets that I had stashed away (and you can preview three of them in this post. I’ve already decided that my mini print locket days are near over, as time to source is scarce, and I am not out thrift and antique shopping much anymore. So I’ve decided to use up the lockets that I already own and offer them in my shop within the next few days…so keep a lookout if you are interested!!
AND…(in the theme of cleaning out the studio) I found a few sketchbooks/ journals that I was meaning to customize. So look forward to that shop update too!

Some time off and I’ve been playing nonstop with paints! I hope this new year is more productive for me. I’m off to a good start though… A little peek of one, unfinished and waiting for paints to dry…

And a scan of today’s inspiration, winter ferns found peaking out of the snow today and pretty vintage lace.

And sketches and sloppy notes

A beautiful new year to all.

12 replies on “getting ready for a new year”

  1. Yummy new loclets on their way, fun fun!

    And your white on black writing makes me heart melt…

    Love grey snow cold and words… And painting!!

    Perfection to enter into a – Happy New Year!! xoxo

  2. Happy New Year Sarah 🙂

    Your new painting looks wonderful. It`s always so exciting to look for new paintings in your shop, and hopefully I will be able to get one of your last lockets too.

  3. Your new painting is so SO lovely!! and I adore how organized and dreamy your sketch book is….mine is such a mess! Happy and Creative New Year to You!! : )

  4. Your painting looks promising indeed! Truth be told, I adore your sketches and wish you would show them more often! But thats just me…
    Happy New Year to you and may it bring loads of productivity and lots of beauty!

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