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before the leaves started to turn (and before the snow)

As northeastern October days came and went, so did our pretty leaves. And a few late-turners are still in abundance. This autumn has felt like the longest ever. Ever. Everyday something new. Walks with leaf, acorn and twig collecting, all new discoveries shared with a one year old. One day we went to a favorite national historic park for a herb festival. Bought herb vinegars, jelly and bunches of fresh, just-cut basil for yummy home made pesto. Walked through a Revolutionary War herb garden next to a 1700’s homestead surrounded by fields, apple orchards and quince trees. Such a dreamy, inspiring October place. The garden was just overflowing with fresh herbs and flowers. Above all the plants, a rich magenta and oh-so-velvety coxcomb was begging to be seen.

Something I have been meaning to share for some time now…..

Beardtongue flowers (part of the foxglove family, growing wild in a meadow) and the full moon last night from my studio window.

Absolutely, positively soaking in and savoring these past weeks of summer. The last week in June I said goodbye to my job, my commute and all else that went along with my former busybody life. And I say former due to the fact that I have given up my beloved day job to stay at home with my little boy and paint. A great big change for our little family indeed! I am so, so excited and grateful for all that is and will be. These past few weeks we have been falling into our groove a bit, going to the park, swimming, going on long walks, visiting with friends and family and enjoying nature and town life. And s l o w i n g down (the best part of all). I can’t even begin to express how happy my heart is. Happy summer!

sea stars

floating somewhere

in my sketchbook (I keep going back to this one, a fav)

♥recent loves: packages. little hands (and feet). blackberries for breakfast. infusion of white tea and lavender. wandering. treasure hunting. working. dreaming of summertime.

new year

Hello! I am super excited about this new year! Why do so many new art ideas and inspirations surface when I am at my busiest? I love and despise it at the same time! For now that part of my life will be on hold, as I am about to embark on a second major transition in my life right now (the first being the birth of our son). The return to my full time job begins tomorrow. That, coupled with being a new mama seems like its going to be quite a juggle so I am being gentle with myself. I will, most likely, be away from my blog for awhile until I get adjusted to all this. And I will, yes indeed (everyone does!). So yes, that is where I am at right now. I am loving being a mama right now, so that is first priority. Happy new years to you!!


A few days ago our little one was already a month old! (Hence the lack of postings here.)
Little Owen was welcomed into our world on August 26th 2010, weighing 7 lbs 13 oz.
It has been incredible. Also very tiring! I am still recovering and will be for a few more weeks, but slowly getting into the grove of things as I adjust and balance my new role as mama.
For now, our cat Max has taken permanent residence in my little nook of an art studio.

I am so excited about the fall! Yesterday I finally felt ready to venture out, Owen and I went for out first walk together. It was nice to take a breather away from home, have him sleep in his stroller while I daydream a bit.
And I am finally catching up on all my blog-readings and emails, so please bear with me. Have a great weekend and a very happy autumn to all!

week 39 (and a handful of first acorns)

Waiting. Everything baby-related is all set. I’ve been taking walks, sipping iced green tea and lemonade and treasure hunting to pass the time. Yesterday I found a beautiful wooden box adorned with violets, some locket cameos and wool sweaters for the upcoming season.

We went exploring in Princeton and came about this pretty mansion with a big front porch and rocking chairs (perfect to rest my tired feet). And here we are…

And a beautiful english-stye garden leading to the back of the house

I always look forward to the first handful of fallen acorns this time of year!

We simply can not wait to have our little one trek around with us this fall! I have ideas for pumpkin patch photos and other autumn-y outings. Fall in these parts is the best!

Happy mid-August all!

baby shower

oh my goodness three weeks ’til my due date! my cousin gave me the most beautiful shower in her barn. The space was awash with wildflowers, calico buntings, vintage mirrors and yummy cakes.

Thank you dearly for all your well-wishes from my last post oh-so-long-ago!! I am feeling so excited and ready!


Lately, I have been enjoying the spring very, very much!

I have been quiet here, yes….

I have exciting news to share.

I have been keeping this to myself for awhile here, but now it’s time to share…I am 23 weeks preggo! (or is it 24, I’ve lost track)

It’s not that I’m abandoning this blog and art and all that I do, but my postings and readings of blogs will be (more) sporatic. I have long weekdays…a lengthy commute, working all day and commuting home… I am doing all I can to keep my energies up. And doing a darn good job at it too!
Been taking some major time out to care for myself, spending most of my time outside on long medative walks, exercising, eating healthy yummy food, and blissing out a bit too. So, yep, that’s it!

lately, wanderings and paintings

Been working on a lots of new paintings.

White-washed layers have been consuming my painting time.

Sketchbook pages, ideas, plannings. For the new year and now. I keep playing around with variations of a sketch of this one woman….


I found the loveliest roll of 1940’s wallpaper along a driveway, discarded.

Last Saturday I went for a snowy walk oh so early in the morning. So cold but I got to see the sun rise over the silvery trees!

Another brooch from tinyhappy. So lovely…not only because of the teeny-tiny artistry that goes into each one, but because they are made with real wool felt and hand dyes threads. These little touches really make them so uttely amazing!

I am so excited for this new year! I have some exciting art news for you that I can’t wait to spill!
Happy Holidays Everyone!