This past month

While I have been away….

Dreaming of wintery things and taking long solitary walks through icy fields and woods.
Dreaming of ancestors and lace, ice and wildflowers, little gardens that withstand the snow and cold, honeybees and the sea…and art (this is where I tie it all together!)

And it’s not even winter yet! The iciness is lush to me, lusher than the greenest well-kept garden. And I love the color grey so winter and I along just fine. Today:

It was too cold to walk and daydream at the same time today, which broke my heart. I thrive off of long walks and daydreams.

A section of a delicate embroidery wall hanging that I found last week. I can imagine this the Queen Anne’s Lace is covered in icy and frost. A frozen field of wildflower remains.

Like this…

An abandoned nest covered in snow in a wild rose bush. I came home the other day with bloody hands from taking these photos. The thorns tear right through the mittens and destroy anything wool!

Personal imagery from the sketchbook. Been working with these particular images for some time now so we’ll see where they go. I normally don’t feel comfortable posting images from my sketchbooks/ journals but I think it’s important to show parts of the source, the process, the innerworkings…

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  1. I find winter very inspiring as well. There is something about the iciness, the white, the cold and the sparkly reflection of light on all of these things.
    Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait for the day where I can go back to the countryside and be able to take long walks again.

    I’ve always find artists’ sketchbooks fascinating and I am very happy you affered us a little look in the innerworkings of your world.
    Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a beautiful icey place! Glad to see you back posting, I was wondering where you’d wandered off too 😉 Your sketches are gorgeous! cant wait to see what they inspire~

  3. I totally agree with the above speakers. I understand how it can be scaresome to show the source, in all it’s virgin glory. But in a way, I find more of the raw and unpolised ‘you’ in it. The enclosed woman – the gate is open – but why doesn’t she move on her way? I love her proportions, so unrealistic! She can reach the sky but she can’t reach… what? I’m intrigued!!

  4. I could get positively get lost in the beautiful forest that is your world.

    Grey and ice and berries and beautifu homes, and vanities, sketchbooks, and art… All put together in a dreamscape…. xoxo

  5. While I don’t much like walking in the cold whatsoever, I did enjoy this beautiful gray post. It makes me wish I liked walking outside in the brisk air to daydream.

  6. Sigh…I can’t tell you how lovely it is to read your post this afternoon. It’s such a welcomed break in the midst of the last (crazy) three weeks (holiday guests – great! Quiet afterwards – ahhhh!). The embroidered piece is soooo beautiful! Queen Anne’s lace brings to mind trip to the family cottage during the summer…white sparklers along the side of the dirt road. And thank you for showing the page from your sketchbook. It’s so interesting to see your thought process. I’m looking forward to seeing how you take those ideas forward.

    PS: Have a Merry Christmas!!

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