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clover and primrose

…growing by the sea. Oh, we are having such a summer. I don’t care if it never, ever ends. Taking trips to the ocean is one of my favorite things to do so far. And we found a new spot!

So peaceful and inspiring. I snuck away for some alone time while my husband and little one played in the sand. The board walk was small but it was a quiet bee and butterfly oasis with all sorts of wild things growing in the sun. Simple, small wonders and wild things make life big and rich and beautiful. I have been working on keeping my eyes wide open for these things and they are inspiring me to pieces. Thank you all for visiting here in quiet times, and happy summertime ramblings to all!

you can find me at the sea…

If the rainy weather had not arrived this morning, today would of been another trip down to the ocean. Last week was our first visit of the season. I had forgotten how the ocean and sandy beach can be so inspiring, calm and healing. The crowds had not arrived to our tiny seaside destination just yet and the beach was oh-so-barren.

But today, oh! the rain! Instead I took my little one treasure hunting and found some antique frames and other treasures. Now we sit at home listening to the rain go pitter-pat pitter-pat on the windows. Sometimes gray rainy days are almost as relaxing as sand and waves.