winter treasures

In my state of extreme busyness…so many photos not posted this winter! I have been documenting my favorite seasonal things here and there, these are my winter things (totally justified as we are still in a winter state weather-wise round these parts). Last week was a wintery, blustery mess (complete with a snow day, hooray). Let’s just say that I am quite happy to be packing some of these things away till next year (ditto for the chocolate).

1. plaid wool scarf
2. beret from the thrift shop
3. a favorite anthropologie shirt dress that was worn for the entire holiday season (it’s soooo comfy)
4. mittens with fingerless gloves underneath were a must for long stroller walks in the chilly air with my little one (actually wore mittens today, so much for spring)
5. nib brittle, yum!
6. blue willow chard found in the swamp (my little mr is quite the adventurous baby now!)
7. the best tea towel ever, from a bag sale
8. super cozy socks!

And my most-favorite chocolate bar of the moment (well, one of them). Dark chocolate nib brittle with the cutest little label. Purchased at Whole Foods, strongly recommended. I am so into candies and chocolates these days.

And a very happy spring to all (please come soon!)

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