september’s end

Oatmeal cardigans and apple picking. Windowpanes and golden light. Waking up to the sound of the crows caw. The smell of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon filters through our rooms, apple pies baking with crispy, sugar topped crust. Days spent at the park with my little guy, swinging… giggling… taking dreamy walks. First steps and leaf collecting, raspberry picking. Crisp pages in forgotten and new books. Reading and curling up with a quilt as the nights get longer and chilly. Life has been so completely full.

I have been extremely, all too quiet here as of recent. August flew as it does. September in all it’s golden glory has swept me off my feet. In autumn time I find myself so vividly awake. Ideas are filtering through my head and in dreams, hopefully to get out onto sketchbooks soon. If not I think I will go crazy. Hello October!


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