A Print Set

So, I’ve decided to offer these two as a set. They really do go great together!

Here they are-Ships in Bluebird Cages and The Very Reluctant Farewell

And now that I look at them, they seem to be a bit of a sign of the crist fall months ahead. I know its hard to imagine in the heat of August, but you can image, can’t you?.

Doesn’t this say fall too?

This little guy was growing in the woods amongst crispy leaves and a few soggy rotten things as well. I do think he is a little omen that my favorite season is nearer than it has been all year!

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  1. They do look like Fall!! I may have to up grade my order to the pair… I’m off to email you at etsy. 😀
    I love this time of year so much too!!!

  2. I am so pleased to see your new posts and new website. A Lj blogger, I was pleasantly surprised some months after posting comments that caused a misunderstanding, you FRIENDED me.

    I have followed your work for a year now and really believe you are one of the most original artists working today and know you will be blessed by the crones, nimues, faeries and goddesses of the world forever in the future.

    One day, when I am old and hobbling on a cane or in a scooter-chair, will visit a exhibition of your work here in San Francisco.

    Please join me at my website, my first premiere cafepress shop, still under construction, and preview the introduction video. Work in progress.

    Slan Ahlie, gaelic blessing for al JOURNEY’s home to be safe.

  3. the drawings are great and they remind me of fall, too. it’s also my favourite season, I love the whole atmosphere. this little mushroom is so so cute, especially its color and it makes me look foward to fall very much!

    1. isnt fall then best…the absolute BEST!!! I think it must be the colors!
      Anyways, thanks much. Look towards the ground, there are so many of these little guys to be found!

  4. I can definitely imagine fall and I’ve been doing just that for the past couple weeks! I’ve even pulled out a couple back issues of home magazines from last autumn to gaze at pumpkin and fall leaf projects and decor. Your two new paintings are absolutely gorgeous! You put so much thought and preparation into them and it shows. They’re perfect. My husband and I are still working on our master bedroom addition and I plan to purchase some of your prints once I’m able to start decorating!

  5. I wish I had room to store back issues of magazines. My most favorite mag of all time is (was) Victoria…I wish I had back issues from that. Maybe I’ll check ebay. The mid 90’s issues were the best! I heard a rumor they were bringinh the magazine back. Anyways, good luck to you on your remodeling! Maybe by the time you are finished I will be offering even larger prints. Happy day!

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