The Very Reluctant Farewell print

The painting to compliment Ships in Bluebird Cages is complete and I am ever-so-happy with it! Still quite large (for me) it measures 16″ by 20″ and is painted in acrylics on canvas with a flowery paper collage background. A girl in a pastorial setting says goodbye to the cardinals as they sail away one-by-one in tiny ships down the stream. The birds fly out of a vacant birdcage high above in the branches. As you can see, the cage isn’t full of the winged creatures…they simply appear at its hinged door and leave. This time there is only one bird cage, and I do think that the girl and the cage are one in the same.

Prints are available in my shop.

Now my head is swimming with new painting ideas, I am off to sketch!

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