And so, today I finished my Autumn Table with blackbird feathers, twigs, moss and much other goodness…

Lots of findings from my woodsy walks.

Today I took the woodland path less traveled covered in leaves just so I can hear them crackle under my feet. Finally, fall is here! I’m going to savor every single second of it.
And speaking of the sounds of leaves crackling, here I am wearing my twirly leaf earcuff. I bought it last year from a vendor at the NY ren faire…

Sooo many more pictures below, click!

Been burning the proper oils for the season. This one I was lucky to find at Whole Foods. It contains pine, cedar, juniper, rosewood, etc. Smells pretty!

Essential oil burner. I love this one. Sits among stuff I found on the trail.

Fallen leaves and bumble bees

Golden potion. Actually, real gold flakes in oil. Believe it or not, this precious find was from a thrift shop! It’s actually bath oil.

My antique iron bird. I love him.

From afar. My studio. Really feeling the simplicity thing these days, with small areas of enchantment. I am a new fan of white walls and clutter free corners.

Table top.

This book was a Sal Army find a few years back. It is from the early 1900’s. The cover is so beautifully worn. It matched my table perfectly, so I thought I’d show it off!

Close up of girl on cover.

On the trail, feather and leaf. I am building quite a feather collection. My favorite ones are the blackbird feathers.

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