Teapot Giveaway!

Remember this?

Well, I have been cleaning out my studio (more about that later!) and I have decided to do another teapot giveaway as special thanks to everyone who comes to my blog! All you need to do is to leave a comment here telling me your favorite autumn tea. Then, on Monday at 8:00 pm I will write down all your names of tidbits of folded paper, toss them in the teapot and see who is the most lucky winner!

My favorite autumn tea (and I won’t be surprised if it is your favorite as well) is a creamy, cinnamon-y chai latte. I love to walk through the woods with a warm cupful in my mittened hand and daydream.

So, the little fabric-covered patchwork goodness is waiting for you… please son’t be shy! I would LOVE to send this your way!

What have I been up to? Well, I have decided that my under-the-eaves studio is much too cramped, so I am moving things about trying to fit them so my workspace is more efficient. I don’t sew much due to all the painting so I am putting away my ceiling-high fabric stash, and replacing it with a vintage dress form. Awhile ago I purchased a lovely victorian lace blouse (very well wron and torn from the turn-of-the-century…in black!) So I though I would display it for the autumn months ahead. It really is a magical piece of clothing with a bit of darkness and mystery due to the age and the coloring of the lace. It has handstitching throughout and that within itself is a joy!
The days have been dark and dreary with lots of rain. And cold! Despite the dampness I managed to bundle up …gosh, it’s August… and take some pretty walks. I even collected some acorns yesterday. I have been painting a new piece as well. Oh, and books! I went to the library yesterday and brough home the most delicious stack of books. Hooray for rainy days.