My Skeleton Keys

I was inspired to put together my antique key collection for a photo…

Some are skeleton keys, some are keys for wind-up clocks. The giant one is not a real-working key, just a whimsical decoration.
And I have to admit, I inherited this collection. I hope to add to it though.
Last night when I was out and about I saw

and I had to take a picture
I love the shadow box frame.

5 replies on “My Skeleton Keys”

  1. hello my name is Chelsea,
    im currently 14 years old… and at the age of 6 i found a skeleton key in my backyard and i kept it ever since, i would really like to know more answers, this topic really intreges me i would like more questions of mine answered.
    thank you!

  2. hello Webster…..i am OBSESSED with these types of keys and i would like to know where you find all of these, the only ones i have found were from my dad when i was six years old. i still have them but i would like to get ones that are more unique and sophisticated.

  3. hello, this is in reply to all those people looking for skeleton keys, i may be only 15 years old but i think i can help. I have over 300 skeleton keys as of right now, and i find that the antique shops near me are quite good about tracking down unmatched (not having a lock they go into) keys and often sell them fairly cheap. although, with all the idiots these days collecting antiques with no idea how precious they are, prices are soaring

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