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Porcelain Lust!

Every once in awhile I came across something so beautiful on Etsy that I have to share. I came across Maid of Clay because we were featured in the same treasury. It’s no wonder, I think our work compliments each other beautifulyl! I am so in love with these porcelain face pendants, I think they have secrets to tell….don’t you? Oh to hang one around one’s neck! My favorites:

Love is Blind Porcelain Pendant of Sterling Silver

Art Deco Woman Porcelain Pendant

Bathing Beauty Porcelain Pendant of 14 K Gold Filled Chain

All so beautiful.

Bird feather heart

I just had to share these beautiful, feathery things…

Just how did I miss this little bird-bodied gal? I have long admired the work of Swanbones and I was thrilled to find that she has an Etsy store! Unfortunately, this pretty ornament is sold out but I am hoping to see more for sale.

There are more styles too (like little tea cups with faces) all hand sculpted by the artist, and I love how they look all dangling from winter’s finest greenery…

I love the paper in this print, not to mention the bird-headed lady. Quite opposite of the above.

Bird Girl with White Ruff by Oh My Cavalier

And just how magical would these be dangling from your ears? And so fitting for the season too! They are Sparrows and Snowbells by Luxe Deluxe

Well, I must admit I went a little crazy on Etsy the other day purchasing multiple vintage dresses! They are made of wool and floral prints with pretty patch pockets, buttons and tree branches. I already have so many ideas for them and I received one in the mail today and it is divine! I want to wear them with little vintage slips sticking out and many, many layers of wooley sweaters and tights. In addition, I dug up the most delicate faded peachy tulle party dress that I bought over the summer. It was crumbled up in an old trunk at a tag sale! I am in desperate need of daylight so I can take some pictures of my finds. By the time I arrive home from work it pitch black outside. I love the wintery days but I do not like the lack of sunlight!

Lovely Sunday, Etsy Finds

The wee hours of last night were spent exploring etsy and all of its wonders (and painting too, but more about that very soon!). There are so many beautiful things on etsy one would never ever have to step foot in a crowded mall again! And here they are… my faves, picked for their rich, earthy tones and lush textures.

I love this bag! It’s the When You Think Anthropologie Bag by Elsa Bags

I have had my eyes on the jewelry of Neile for some time. My favorite is The Monarch Butterfly Necklace a magical real butterfly wing captured in glass. And just in case you are concerned about this sort of thing, the artist states that her wing creations are cruelty free, taken after the butterfly has completed it’s lifecycle. I could imagine wearing this with a pretty vintage blouse in the dead of winter as a reminder of the warm weather ahead.

And another necklace, The Forest Fairytale Necklace by Aloha Dear. It would be so enchanting to dangle this beauty from ones neck!

In my never ending search for sepia-ish, earthy and textured vintage finery I came across the most beautiful 50’s skirt with pretty white rose embroidery at the hem. This one will be arriving at my doorstep very soon, to be worn with tights and lots of layers (as I don’t want to put it away til spring!)! Detail:

Purchased from Green Dragon Lady

Right now my little room is filled to the brim with patterned papers and splotches of paint. The sun poured into the windows and through my sheer curtains and I felt so grateful to have such a space to work. Today I went for a long walk in the cold and sipped warm coffee. This weather is my absolute favorite!

Autumn’s warm golden days

…have now turned grey and rainy. Speaking of grey I have to mention that am so inspired by the palette of Andrew Wyeth. His rural subject matter has always been an inspiration to me, but those grays and golds and browns! This little white house painting is a definite favorite. I clipped it out and affixed it to my journal so I wouldn’t forget about it again, along with a new little concept sketch underneath. I have an idea to paint scenes of tiny capped people, strange animals and grouped farmhouses from the 1800’s, all in a tiny scale and very detailed. These tiny girls are watering their gardens but they very well could be tending to strange animals in a faraway place.

I was going through a pile of old books and ephemera and uncovered this print of a painting in a funny little book, isn’t is so lovely?

It’s from a worn blue book called My Miniature Art Collection, Grade 4 and contains some of the sweetest prints in muted palettes. The book was a treasure stacked amongst old paperbacks at the back of a junk shop. I must share some more of this book very soon!

Little things are so delightful! I recently found this little porcelain box with a pearl charm inside and it made my day.

Here’s a pile of inspiring things- glass domes, white pumpkins, old hankies, rusty iron birds, tea cups and blackbird feathers.

I am thinking about setting them up in a shrine sort of way. I haven’t had an inspiration table in quite awhile and its time has been delayed too long!

Those who are here up north, enjoy the rain, it may be with us for quite awhile! Pitter-pat.


Etsy has become my new favorite place to shop. Here are some things I recently purchased from sellers I love.

Thanks to the Miss Marmeecraft’s blog and especially her featured Friday Etsyness I found the wonderful knit shop of Coccole di Lana. My new fall accessory:

I just had to buy this snuggly neck cowl with a long row of beautiful floral buttons! I can imagine myself walking through the fall woods with a cup of spicey chai snuggled up in this victorian beauty!

I have been building up my vintage wardrobe with delicate little bits and pieces, and the vintage sweet blue dolly blouse was perfect! There is the most pretty lace details on its chest and collar. Shirt from Nerdybird.

And finally, I am so excited about my new paper doll sets! After cutting them out I took them outside for a little photoshoot. Delicate Heart and
Squall paper doll sets by Wool and Water.

A few things, sold in lots, on Etsy.

It’s wonderful to get a bunch of something in the mail, isn’t it?

Here are a few lots on Etsy that I am admiring:

skeleton keys x 3 by Opulent Oddities

Little Papercuts Print Set by My Folk Lover

And for making things…Paper Love!

Vintage Wallpaper Packet #2 by Good Luck Studio

Aren’t the colors in this wallpaper wonderful? I could only image all the little snippets I would cut from it!

Another shop to check out~

Lolly’s Attic Treasures

I so enjoyed perusing through the items in this shop. So, so many lots of vintage papers and other odd things.

A good night to all!

Favorites on Etsy

A want list for Wednesday (payday is only a few days away, isn’t it?)

Foxes, skeleton key clutches and little floating houses, here they are…

Tobacco Leather Skeleton Key Wallet with Vintage Steel Key by Urban Heirlooms

I have had my eye on this shop for some time, especially the skeleton key clutches. I would love to carry one around, as they seem to be a joy to behold with their rich leather and antique key closure!

Fox and Chicken Needle Felted Pair by Motley Mutton (and the gangly goats)

What a lovely little pair! I am a huge fan of anything fox related, so this pair strikes my fancy to the umph degree.

A Fox Lady and Her Bird by Sarah Ogren

Sarah’s collages are a double dose of whimsy! I especially love the fox head on the Victorian body

And finally, as it has always been, I am ever-so-enchanted by the work of Art and Ghosts.

Here is a current favorite of mine, Architecture of Dreams.

I think I have turned into an Etsy addict, as recently I made a few purchases on there for myslf. I will have to share my things later!


Look what arrived! A print from Oh My Cavalier!

Julianna’s art is so beautifully delicate and victorian-inspired, I am in awe! I will be in a search for the perfect antique frame to compliment this print. Also, her package was stuffed with surprises…

You can get prints and other goodies at the Oh My Cavalier shop. She also has a pretty blog.
Here is a little snippet from my walk in the meadow this morning…