Look what arrived! A print from Oh My Cavalier!

Julianna’s art is so beautifully delicate and victorian-inspired, I am in awe! I will be in a search for the perfect antique frame to compliment this print. Also, her package was stuffed with surprises…

You can get prints and other goodies at the Oh My Cavalier shop. She also has a pretty blog.
Here is a little snippet from my walk in the meadow this morning…

2 replies on “ETSY MAIL”

  1. This is a lovely print from Oh My Cavalier!! I, too like the Victorian and nature themed flavor to her work. One of those thrifting excursions in the near future should wield up the perfect frame for it. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you.
    What a peaceful glorious morning picture this is- thank you for posting it. 🙂

  2. Thanks! It was a pretty morning indeed. But, they all are in the summer when I don’t have to drive into work;)
    I am very excited to get a frame. She has another print I am eyeing as well.
    What do you say, mat ot no mat?

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