A few things, sold in lots, on Etsy.

It’s wonderful to get a bunch of something in the mail, isn’t it?

Here are a few lots on Etsy that I am admiring:

skeleton keys x 3 by Opulent Oddities

Little Papercuts Print Set by My Folk Lover

And for making things…Paper Love!

Vintage Wallpaper Packet #2 by Good Luck Studio

Aren’t the colors in this wallpaper wonderful? I could only image all the little snippets I would cut from it!

Another shop to check out~

Lolly’s Attic Treasures

I so enjoyed perusing through the items in this shop. So, so many lots of vintage papers and other odd things.

A good night to all!

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  1. Those keys are great! I love anything old and rusty. Thanks for sharing your finds!

    Oh and by the way, I have tagged you. You can participate if you would llike. Check out my blog for the rules. 🙂

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