Bird feather heart

I just had to share these beautiful, feathery things…

Just how did I miss this little bird-bodied gal? I have long admired the work of Swanbones and I was thrilled to find that she has an Etsy store! Unfortunately, this pretty ornament is sold out but I am hoping to see more for sale.

There are more styles too (like little tea cups with faces) all hand sculpted by the artist, and I love how they look all dangling from winter’s finest greenery…

I love the paper in this print, not to mention the bird-headed lady. Quite opposite of the above.

Bird Girl with White Ruff by Oh My Cavalier

And just how magical would these be dangling from your ears? And so fitting for the season too! They are Sparrows and Snowbells by Luxe Deluxe

Well, I must admit I went a little crazy on Etsy the other day purchasing multiple vintage dresses! They are made of wool and floral prints with pretty patch pockets, buttons and tree branches. I already have so many ideas for them and I received one in the mail today and it is divine! I want to wear them with little vintage slips sticking out and many, many layers of wooley sweaters and tights. In addition, I dug up the most delicate faded peachy tulle party dress that I bought over the summer. It was crumbled up in an old trunk at a tag sale! I am in desperate need of daylight so I can take some pictures of my finds. By the time I arrive home from work it pitch black outside. I love the wintery days but I do not like the lack of sunlight!

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  1. I do adore these sculptural pieces you found and will have to pay her a visit once she replenishes her stock!

  2. I’ve just spent a wonderful hour looking back at your archives! The evolution you have traveled from fabric fairy bags to whimsical paintings is wonderful! I love seeing your seasonal alter tables and your delightful fairytale wedding! Few have the gift of finding thrifted tresures as delightful as yours… Feast to my eyes in so many ways. Thank you, and I look forward to coming to visit you again soon!

    1. Thanks so much Ulla! I have been to your blog many times as well, it is a delight! I must say I love your spiral labyrinth. I can’t wait until I have a garden of my own to build one.
      Thanks so much for the encouragement here as I follow my dreams to paint:)
      It has been a fun journey.

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