Her Braids print, Etsy Storque!!

A new print of a drawing “Her Braids” is available in my shop

This strange little colored sketch came about when I was going through my vintage lace collection and found this:

The wreaths of plaited hair were originally supposed to be lace doilies but somehow became hair after the sketch was complete. I don’t even know if the braids are connected to the girls head, I was thinking Victorian hair art and mourning jewelry. If you have ever seen these in person they are quite creepy. My grandma had a bouquet of hair flowers framed in an oval glass dome and I will never forget it, real hair!

Braids wrapped around little cabin colonies, wolves, snow…a peaceful dreamland for sure.

Also…I am so happy! Today one of my prints was featured in the Storque on etsy! The featured artist, Lisa Congdon, choose a few things on etsy that she admires and my print Forest Cabins and Salty Sea Ships
is one of them!

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