We Are Neighbors, Leaf to Leaf

A new love of mine is keeping a sketchbook. I have multiple ones going at once but I do have my favorites. Recently I adore the hardbound-type books. I usually use them to jot down quick compositions, color schemes, concept collages and other doodles. Sometimes I write little notes all over them til the picture gets covered in words! Last weekend I started a few finished detailed sketches which is very addictive! I found some beautiful folk art flower imagery and decided that its leaves could support a whole colony of little cabins. It was only proper to have a girl support the whole living structure. The cluster of houses was inspired by this little find (scroll down to see the white house) and the sketch as well from my moleskin last year. Here it is: We Are Neighbors, Leaf to Leaf

Graphite on creme paper with acrylic paint


It was so hard for me to leave her faceless (I do get caught up in drawing features) but I kept her simple. Her face is so tiny!

a print can be found in my shop.

I would like to expand this idea, but for now I have lots of little sketches (very loose and not print worthy!) to develop into paintings.

Tell me doodlers which type of sketchbook is your favorite? I would love to know, as I am always looking for new ones to try!

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    1. Agreed! I have a bunch. I like them too, although I find the paper repels water colors and ink a bit. I am dying for them to come out with a watercolor sketchbook without the perforated edges…the paper falls out in mine!
      I love your sketches on flickr, by the way.

  1. Hello! I stumbled on your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying reading through your delightful blog entries and looking at your lovely work! I love this sketch; it is just so whimsical!

    Oh, I have a strange obsession with sketchbooks; I used to sketch all the time and am trying to get back into the habit. Honestly, I tend to buy inexpensive ones since the really nice books (like Moleskines) intimidate me! My latest favorite is a cheap set of two I picked up at a art store; hard covers with spiral binding and nice, big pages. 🙂 They take watercolors pretty nicely as well (very little ripple, which is my biggest quibble with most sketchbook).

    Keep up your lovely artwork and have a nice weekend! 🙂

    1. me too…I have SO many! I like nice, big pages as well. I have been into the hardcover ones but for collages they get so stuffed the covers don’t close! I think the perfect sketch book doenst exist so thats why I have so many going.
      Have a good weekend too!

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