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just a small hello

…for today, hands are working on small, quiet things just for the sake of it. A little paper cutting and sketching and going through all my pretty papers. This leafy gold sheet is my favorite.

A new print

Wild Roses print is now for sale in my shop

Oh, and just look at the droplets of dew on this wildflower! How beautiful is nature?! Seriously the meadows this time of year are absolute bliss. Going for lots of walks these days!

Happy June!

on my drawing table

I’ve been working in my heavy duty sketchbook. It’s a real workhorse! Some pages are more finished than others (it’s more of a process journal/ painting/ idea/ color palette book I think). I like working this way, I can work through fragments of ideas with some instant gratification of having something complete. This page I’ve decided to make into a print, which will be coming soon to my shop!

Also in this photo: Jo sonja’s paint, liquitex, and a vintage photo which is bring me so much inspiration (swansea cottage).

mother’s day, birthday

Went painting pottery on my birthday. I am pretty happy with this one, considering I was holding my little one in one arm and painting with the other (something I will not attempt again). It was good until the end, the glaze did some strange speckle thing in the kiln but oh well, it’s my first and I’m sure not my last.

So happy because the end of April till the beginning of May are celebratory times for me! A beautiful orchid for my birthday, lunch at my favorite restaurant and cupcakes (sans Little One). My first mothers day brought more flowers (the darkest blood-red roses I have ever seen) another favorite restaurant and a giant red velvet cupcake (Little One joined us this time). Long walks were had on both days. Kitty stayed home and guarded the orchid.

A very beautiful Mother’s day to all moms!

fyi my comment section on my blog is doing a strange thing I can not fix. I like to reply here but sometimes it won’t let me, or it puts my reply at the end which is very confusing. So sorry! Thanks so much for all your comments!

framed prints

During the next few days, in my shop, I will be offering framed and matted prints of a few oil paintings from a couple of years ago. Coupled with the sweet creamy frame, this one is one of my favorites. I usually don’t produce framed prints but I just received a shipment back from a store and decided to offer them on etsy.

And this (from one of my favorite vintage shops on etsy) , The Sailors Apprentice Dress …oh my, isn’t it so completely perfect (and goes so well with the above print). From the color to the big tie bow to the buttons, pintucks and white stitching details….I want to wear this dress on a chilly late spring day whilst searching for shells on the sandy shore. I have slightly warmer weather on my mind. And we have a nor’easter coming tomorrow. Spring’s April fools!


pieces of lace
walnut oil
sepia photographs
color swatches

she’s a botanist

photos from my show

An original oil painting.

Vintage framed originals and prints.

Wish I could of been there!

I hope everyone is having a magical holiday season!

I have been busy, busy with baby (perhaps the busiest I’ve ever been in my life!!)
and next week marks the end of my maternity leave. Savoring this last week off and the snowstorm that is upon us.

Beacon, NY

Yesterday I took a break from my little one and drove up to beautiful Beacon, NY to deliver pieces for my “Wandering in Wintertime” show. With it’s location alongside the Hudson River, Cafes, boutiques, art galleries, and the Dia Museum Beacon is definitely a good place to day trip if you live in the NYC metro area. So if your in the Beacon area December 11th or afterwards, pop on by to Blackbird Attic!.
ps- I won’t be able to make the show but if you go I would love to see photos!

A December Show

I am happy to announce my upcoming show Wandering in the Wintertime at Blackbird Attic in Beacon, NY. My show will feature framed prints and some originals. Perfect for gifts! If you are in the area please stop by!
A very happy, restful, cozy (and very yummy!) Thanksgiving to all!


I am super excited to announce the good news I mentioned awhile back. There is a 6 page article about my blog in the lovely Artful Blogging Magazine. The magazine hit the newstands at the beginning of the week and I was finally able to get my hands on one. I wrote an article about my process and inspirations, and features some of my favorite blog photos and artwork. This year my blog will be six years old (where has the time gone?) and I was completely honored to be asked to be in this publication! So here’s a little sneak peak (you’ll have to get your hands on a copy of the magazine to read the article).

i just love melting winter snow!

Also, I want to repost some of my favorite photos here that were featured in the magazine. My artwork images can be found here.

A corner of my studio- one of my drawing desks (although my Mac resides on this desk now).

A beautiful vintage pendant (that contained a mini print of my artwork) that sold last year.

Blackberry summer breakfast (in my favorite vintage ship teacup) along with my favorite Indian scarf.

A sweet haul from an antique treasure hunt.

Summer dreaming and petals- outside homage to Louis Janmot.

Another pendant I made (a mini print from one of my oil paintings.

Thanks for visiting today! I have yet another bit of good news…really BIG news but I am going to keep it secret for a wee bit longer…