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It was a beautiful weekend. Went to a few sales and found the best things for fall. After an absolute vintage dry spell this summer I have been having such luck finding things. Vintage cardigans, little dresses, books and ephemera, a floral prarie dress, pins and cameos, english rose earrings with golden filagree and a 50’s prom dress in peach tulle. I found this book and it is HEAVY with lots of full page images. I even got an old suitcase with beautiful gray satin lining and ribbons to tie down trousers. Its the type of luggage that was meant to lug onto a steam engine boxcar. We got a new (old) station wagon and it fits our trips and findings perfectly. We walked around Princeton, NJ and the combination of fallen leaves and cobblestone was too much texture to bear. I have had my nose in Pride and Prejudice for the first time ever and I was really missing out! Got a big, hefty art journal and I have been filling it with little sketches. I think I’m going to offer prints for some of them.

The thing I miss the most about summer is seeing the sunlight fill my room. We are approaching daylight savings time! Tell me, what do you miss the most about summer?

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  1. The one and ONLY thing that I miss about summer is the fun bbq’s! I love to barbeque and have people over. I am not a heat person, but I love all the seasons. I am so happy for Autumn’s arrival!

  2. I miss the light too.
    I miss the flowers and birds because the have travelled to the south
    I miss the water and swimming in lakes
    I miss the green

    but autumn is still my favourite season

    beautiful photographs and your findings sound so lovely

  3. I don’t miss summer! It seems to last for about 5 months of the year in south Georgia. Stifling heat, gnats, mosquito, and drought are definitely not things to be missed. Autumn is just barely peeping around the corner at the moment; there are still hot days ahead.

  4. Alas, it is still summer here… we had a brief week of Fall like weather and poof! gone.
    I do miss having a pool like I did when I was a kid and going to the Jersey shore sitting on the beach burrowing after coquinas all day. The boardwalk was so great too- they used to have monsters- aka people in costumes- wandering around near the little park – so wild!

    Your vintage items are amazing- you have hit the right time to “find” things. I also like this picture of feet in shoes- it’s great!:) Love the shoes ;). I just found another pair of shoes- very vintage at Tarjay as I like to call it- you might want to look for them up there. Have a lovely day!~

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