Beautiful Things…

I bought the most beautiful print (in a wonderful wooden frame in pale pink) at the antique shop. It was stashed away in a dusty corner amongst some not-so-nice art. I like the delicacy of the image and the paleness of color in this print. I just love art that is delicate and detailed in general. I think this find encompases both quite well!

Just look at these ladies!

Oh, and speaking of delicate things, my meandering around in the woods the other day produced this find:

And this…

And I could’nt ask for any thing else right now but I stumbled upon this outside:

The clock’s imagery completed my day! It was outside, sitting in the grass, preparing to go to the dump. No, I did not carry it away, but in passing the whole scene had quite a pleasing and whimsical aesthetic. It was certainly one of those in-the-moment blissful sights!

I am going to paint tonight. I have a new, big, detailed scene in the works. I hope to post it very soon, but my new schedule can only accompy painting in the wee night hours, so we will see.

8 replies on “Beautiful Things…”

  1. What a pretty print you found!! Ah, you’re back at school again. I hope the transition is kind to you. 🙂
    I love what you are able to find on your ramblings- that wing is perfect and those mushrooms look ready for some fairies to perch and have some tea!! They are such a vibrant color too!! Orange- one of your favorites. Oh, and that ship turning on the clock is beautiful and perfectly matched to your work as well. Enjoy your Saturday night of painting a large scene as well as the early morning nip to the air you’ve been having as of late. I do miss that about living in the North. 🙂

  2. I just found a bunch of wings! I took one home, safely.
    haha, my love for orange has morphed into a love for peach!
    Yes, the north is lovely! I would choose no other place to live (except further north!)
    A good weekend to you~*~*~*

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