The Curious Fox

Now, what would a little foxling want with a lone cardinal? The fox is stalking it, tormenting the cardinal so!

Here is The Curious Fox painting on handmade petal-filled paper

Inspired by an older milky fox sketch in my dear sketchbook from last December. Gosh, that seemed just like yesterday!

Print is available in my shop
As you can see, the taste of chill in the air that I experienced the other night ’round the campfire has me wishing for cold…brrr!

4 replies on “The Curious Fox”

  1. How delightful! I love how your new work has taken on a romantic and victorian feel. I love this painting because of the foxes!!! And the girl’s “cold” nose is too cute.

    I do hope you create some more paintings with foxes in them!

  2. This is so great!!! Naughty fox, leave that cardinal alone!!! It must have been a chilly night for you- ah, Fall I wish it would arrive here- 90s and humid still- oh well, I look forward to a nip in the air. Enjoy it, Sarah! 🙂

  3. Thanks! Its a wee bit smaller than I have been working, but now that I am back at school I can not concentrate on too big of a painting. Soon though.
    ps- it is still very warm here. But in the morning it is in the high 50’s. Chilly if you are not used to it!

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