Monday’s Whimsy

And now, a little bit of Monday’s Whimsy. And a whimsical Monday it is, for I returned from a trip with lots of vintage goodies. And socks! I have been very, very crazy for socks, especially knee socks.

I discovered the BEST paper store ever, The Paper Source. I am thrilled that they have a website. Their store was so lovely, packed with so much paper, and the BIG flat sheets (not the square 12″ by 12″ scrapbooking kind, although they do carry that on their website). I bought a stack of pretty papers that remind me of dollhouse wallpaper. I sometimes use paper in the backgrounds of my paintings so these will be perfect. I am always on the lookout for calico prints.

Have you ever seen a spider spinning a web? I spotted one in the woods the other day. The way that the the sunshine was beaming down upon it it looked like a silver orb amongst the trees. As I approached closer, I saw the spider was only half complete with his wonderous silky creation, so I stood there and watched for a few moments. The spider was big and scary and I tried not to get him in the photo.

This morning I found a perfect feather…

Which reminded me to take a picture of these little guys. They are salt and pepper shakers. I think they are just so folksy and wonderful! I think that they are supposed to be penguins, but I am imagining them as blackbirds. I love blackbirds, especially red-winged ones. They are very particular about where they live, so the conditions have to be just right to see them. They enjoy a setting that is half meadow and half watery, like a lake or pond. What is your favorite bird?

A little sneakpeak at a painting I have been trying to finish, on an oval-shaped canvas. It needs a lot more painting details (especially on the boats), but I am hoping to be done with it today, and it will soon be in my shop. The girl is a bit forlorn, and reading. I think she will need a companion, to be painted on another oval canvas.

Have a wonderful Monday, the last Monday of August!

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I’m definitely a fan of red- winged blackbirds too!! I get a thrill whenever I see one!! I also enjoy cardinals. There has been a pair living around my house for the last year or so and I so enjoy their chirping and the flash of color.
    I also walked in to a spiderweb from a scary brown spider living near/ under my front porch. I was amazed at how thick the web was. I tried not to think about where the spider was in relation to my head as I scooted by.
    I love what you’ve created on your oval frame. I must get to work on my painting as well- school takes so much of my time away. Grr! I do love it though!
    Have a lovely Wednesday!
    ~* Eileen

  2. Yes, I agree, cardinals are especially magical, and in the winter snow they are even more of a thrill to see!
    Well, I hope that you are having a good time at school, I could image it taking lots of your energies. I feel somewhat of the same way when I go back to work in the fall.

  3. Red-winged blackbirds are abundant here, although I didn’t see many this spring because I didn’t spend much time outdoors. But last year I watched them from my screened porch often while they searched for mates. I love their call, it’s very distinct and almost mechanical sounding!
    Funny you should post about spider webs as I’ve been enjoying watching a spider that has taken up residence on my carport for the past month. It spins a huge web every evening, and it does it sooo quickly! Then it must break it’s web down before morning, because there is nothing left when I go out in the morning. But the spider, who is very large, tucks itself up in the corner where the support post meets the roof of the carport and stays there all day until it’s time to start making it’s web again. I’m enthralled and I wonder how long it will continue this! I’ll be sad when it’s gone. Thankfully it’s in a place where there’s no danger in walking into the spiderweb, because I would be less than thrilled. *shivers*
    I wish that it was cooler here so I could where tights and knee socks!

  4. Yes, I agree, walking into a spider web is a less-than-thrilling experience! I seem to do it a lot though. It has been cool here one day, and hot the next! One day I was wearing knee socks and a sweater, the next a summer skirt.
    Have a good week!

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