And the Winner is…

All the names are on folded bits of paper and inside the cozy patchwork teapot…

The winner is Katelyn, with Ginger Peach and or a Chai Latte, yummy!!!

Katelyn, please email me your address so your teapot can be on its way!

And THANKS so much to all who left a comment here with their wonderful Autumn tea suggestions (and I still think the fav was Chai latte, how could it not be?). I am off to make some tea!

ps- A shop update sometime tomorrow (evening, maybe). I have a new painting finished and ready!

6 replies on “And the Winner is…”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Wow! I love your paintings and your website! All of your beautiful pictures stop time and allow a moment of peace and beauty into the busy day! It was nice to meet you the other night. I hope you enjoyed your stay.


    1. Hi Elizabeth…it is good to hear from you! Yes, it was fun the other night, and very nice to meet you too. I hope that we can get together again next time we are in Boston (or vice versa!)
      ps- I was looking for your book cover in the essex-peabody museum in salem…no luck but I will see it in the MOMA soon:)
      I would love to see your work!

  2. I adore your lovely space here! 🙂 I had to say “hello there” and that I found your blog through the lovely Miss Lou’s Art and Ghosts haven….I adore your work! This print is so magical! I’m so glad I stopped in….I’ll be back soon! Have a lovely day!! : )

  3. Oh, and WOW! Your art is so wonderful! And I love your blog! Miss Lou is such a wonderous being, isn’t she? And she featured us both too! I will certainly check back with you, I am off to your little space now!

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