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and the queen bee is….

(chosen via

I was going to put all of your names in my little house like I usually do but I was swamped this time! Thank you so very much (all 145 of you that entered!) I am completely touched and inspired by the thoughtfulness and beauty of your writing! And I must share what Fairy Filigree wrote:

Well my favourite Springtime memory belongs to many many years ago when, upon my insistence, mother convinced my father to take us off to the country for a picnic. We went to this new seaside place I’d never been to before & I was staggered at the beauty of the sea and the waves from what looked like cliffs to me. Years later, when I revisited the site, I recognised it immediately and realised it had all looked so huge and overwhelming to me because I had been so very little.

Stories of the sea are so inspiring, thank you! And isn’t it so true…how huge everything appears when one is so small.

I will post my fondest spring memory soon. I have a photograph to go along with it that I need to locate!

And speaking of spring, it is far, far from here in the northeast. It has been snowing since Wednesday and we have over a foot on the ground. Today I went for a long, snowy walk (which was so peaceful and calm among the lingering flurries), organized my oil paints (preparing for another painting session), and cheered up this old handmade sweater a bit with rick rack on it’s yoke. Recently I go crazy over anything golden.

locket and tin giveaway

I am so excited to offer this little treat to one lucky reader! It features my artwork…it’s a

And the exciting part is it has two parts! A vintage locket tied with a snippet of antique calico (adorned inside with little bits from my painting Honeybee Stories.) AND a sweet silver-toned vintage tin to match (with art also from Honeybee Stories.)

The inside of the tin contains the bee snippet clue from my last post.

To win my locket and tin, all you have to do is leave a comment here recalling your favorite spring memory. Yes, I have spring on my mind! And honeybees remind me of lush gardens, daisies and the smell of earth. Your memory can be about gardening, walking through the meadows, spotting little birds eggs, love…anything! On Friday, February 26th I will pull one random winner from my bonnet. Please, please leave a working email as well! PARTICIPANTS WHO DO NOT LEAVE A LINK TO THEIR EMAIL WILL NOT BE ENTERED IN THIS GIVEAWAY! Also, comments that are posted on the wrong entry (my “leave a comment” is UNDER the title at the beginning of the post, not at the end of the post) will not qualify.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing about SPRING!! The complete Honeybee Stories painting can be viewed in my shop.

the results are in….

The fox name submissions were collected, cut and put into a little white fox house (I’m not sure if he lives in the proper white house or in the brush pile!)

And a name was randomly pulled (thank goodness for randomness, as the name submissions were all so sweet, and I enjoyed reading them so much!)

Congrats to Jillian! What she says about her chosen fox name…

I’ll name him Mr. Sinopa Edward III ! ( Sinopa meaning Native American Blackfoot name meaning fox.. edward the third just to make him royal)
I like it!

Jillian, please email me with your addy so I can send the locket to you! And thanks to everyone for entering!!! I am just back from Vermont and I have lots to catch up on, so for now, I’ll be off!

fox locket giveaway this week!

What’s that you see? Is it a fox locket?…..

yes indeed! I decided to do this giveaway again, to thank all those who visit my blog (despite my times of non-postings). And for keeping me inspired! THANK YOU!!!!

It’s a mini print snippet from my original oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair affixed to the front of a golden vintage locket. The fox is covered in a shiny, UV varnish to protect it from the elements. And inside the locket, there are two mini prints from the same painting as well (girls this time!)

The locket will string around your neck with a muted gold velvet ribbon.

To enter just give Mr. Fox a first name (and last if you’d like!!) in the comments here. On Saturday, July 25th I will pull a name for Mr. Fox out of my hat. If it’s you the locket is yours!

And now, we are off to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont!

and the winner is…

Congrats Noreen!

And let’s not forget the fox, who won overall as your favorite!

I want to say thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway, I feel truly honored to have such wonderful readers! I really enjoy reading your thoughts and stories here, as they leave me with much inspiration and creative “juice” to continue to paint, sketch, and share little, beautiful bits of life. I would absolutely love to offer more giveaways much like this one, so please check back soon!

a giveaway package!

I put together a super giveaway package for one lucky winner here!

A giveaway based on my oil painting Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair. Your bundle of goodies will include:

? A vintage necklace and pendant featuring one of the girls from my painting

? A 5″ by 7″ card with envelope

? A sheet of stickers

To enter the giveaway (and perhaps win this package!) all you need to do is tell me your favorite animal from my painting.

Is it the goose tugging on the red ribbon? The little fawn jumping? The fox pulling on the hair? The bluebird or the owl? The rabbit jumping into the birds nest?

Please choose one and leave me a message in the comments here! The drawing will be on Monday, February 8th at 8:00 PM eastern time. Thanks for sharing!

oh, an here’s the painting in full!

It’s time!

Oh yes, as promised, it’s…

But there’s a catch… it’s not here (so please do not enter here) but at the fabulous Wishing Willow
So please, go there and enter for the giveaway! The winner will receive a special print on canvas this time!

Thank you Wishing Willow!


I am proud to announce that some of my prints are in the August PikaPackage!

Can you find me on here? I am #5..

For those that are not familiar with PikaLand and the PikaPackages… A PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies from illustrators and artists who sell their wares online, resulting in ONE or TWO free monthly PikaPackage giveaway to readers and the rest to be sold as a lucky dip package to spread the word about their fantastic art.

So this month there is a giveaway for a free Pika Package and you can purchase one in the Pikashop


Giveaway Time!

It’s a vintage pocket watch (clock hands removed) with a mini print of Seafaring Heart inside! And this watch has a story (a creepy but magical one of sorts). I bought it from an antique dealer at an outdoor market, I found it as I was digging through a box of rusty things and for some reason I felt compelled to make it mine. It was broken, but for some odd reason it would start ticking here and there, without winding (the winder knob was broken.) I was honesty sick of hearing it go off at random times so I decided to dissect it and use the watch body as a frame for my print (little gears are still inside though). I want to pass it on to you, bewitched as it is. I think the ticking might have forever stopped but the winner MUST let me know if it starts up again!

Hang it on the wall OR wear it around your neck. It comes with a pretty vintage lace tie and some bits of calico!

Do you want it mailed to your doorstep wrapped in pretty antique fabric?

To win it all you have to do is describe to me the highlight of your summer thus far! I will randomly choose a winner Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM! Please don’t be shy!

And the Winner is….

CASEY! Thanks SO MUCH everyone for entering… good thing this was a drawing for I would have had a hard time choosing myself! Casey, your locket will be in the mail tomorrow if you email me your addy! Mmmm, yummy locket!

And for now, I am off to Tarrytown to see Neko Case perform! Very exciting weekend ahead.