One Misty Morning Print

I am ever-so-excited about this painting, my first oval! A rather forlorn looking gal reads in the shipyard on a cold, cold misty morning. The rest of the story is for you to construct. I imagine her hat to be sewn from a very thick piece of felted wool, hence her being able to concentrate on her book and not shiver to death. How I wish I had a hat like that! Thats the fun thing about painting…dressing the characters in imaginary clothing that becomes oh-so-real. The original piece is painted in acrylics and papers on a cotton oval canvas.

A print is available in my shop

11 replies on “One Misty Morning Print”

  1. This is really quite beautiful, Sarah. Your work is becoming more and more detailed. When I get a little money, I need to go shopping at your store. 🙂

  2. Terrific piece, Sarah!! All of the details and the colors you’ve used just enhance her so!!! I’m looking forward to her mirror image or partner!

  3. sarah! this is stunning!!!!
    i go to see if you post news about life just about every day…but today i got curious and went to see your new work. bravo mademoiselle, si joli!

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