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Porcelain Lust!

Every once in awhile I came across something so beautiful on Etsy that I have to share. I came across Maid of Clay because we were featured in the same treasury. It’s no wonder, I think our work compliments each other beautifulyl! I am so in love with these porcelain face pendants, I think they have secrets to tell….don’t you? Oh to hang one around one’s neck! My favorites:

Love is Blind Porcelain Pendant of Sterling Silver

Art Deco Woman Porcelain Pendant

Bathing Beauty Porcelain Pendant of 14 K Gold Filled Chain

All so beautiful.

A journal

I know it’s way, way way too early to grasp the idea of spring (no do I want to just yet as I enjoy the seasons!) but coincidentally this recent treasure has memories of March stashed away inside…

I am soooo excited to offer this journal with original sketches!

the outside cover

Please do see the original listing for all the details!

I am such need of finishing this painting tonight. It’s calling me!

grey day

Rain, bare branches and grey-washed skies today.

Enjoying the novelty of being able to see the bark and rocks and mossy texture on the ground (as I am quite sure this delight will wear off by mid winter!)

Despite the rain (and to wonder why I am feeling a bit under the weather) I decided I needed some fresh air. The little stream directly behind us was a-flowing!

Squeezed in a little walk today. Have you ever watched raindrops as they slide down bare braches and drip slowly from berries and wild rose hips?

A sneak peek at a few paintings in progress, they are coming along s-l-o-w-l-y.

There’s images in these compositions you may recognize…some maybe not. I don’t want to say much about them because I don’t want to give anything away (and I change my mind a lot so they might not be there when the paintings are complete).

I’m working on so many things right now, I just keep jumping from one project to the next. Today I put these aside and worked on a book binding project I am currently obsessing about.

I got this in the mail today! I have three gals from the same family. I am just as thrilled with the delicate embossed border as their faces. It just amazes me that these little tintypes were around during the Civil War. Holding them is like holding little gems (and please try to ignore my horribly dry, chapped hands!).

They are from the ever sweet Oh My Buttons! and I am so happy to add them to my ever-growing collection of old photographs.

And speaking of gems and collections, I am loving this sweet 50’s tuxedo blouse I bought from
The dusty Dog Vintage Boutique

It’s perfectly fitted and is the best shade of gold with little ruffles and mini buttons…I wonder why the 1950’s is my favorite clothes period to collect and wear?! It’s getting harder and harder to find these fashions, but when I find the perfect piece my heart jumps! I have quite a collection going (and yesterday evening was spent organizing it all in my closet so it’s within reach to wear!)

And for those of you who are wondering…there will be a print giveaway sometime next week…but not here! For now it’s a secret but I’ll fill you in when it occurs so you can have a chance to win!

Have a good day, and for those of you in the northeastern US, stay cozy for the rainy weekend!

Two new seafaring treasures

Captured these in the late afternoon sun of today! A journal and a necklace, both featuring Seafaring Heart.

The journal features some original sketches inside! Both available here.

It’s a large Moleskine sketchbook!

Cover adorned with an oval print of “Seafaring Heart”. Print is protected with a UV varnish.

Little collage of Seafaring fox and birds and sketch on first page.

Comes with a double-page spread of my original art!

Sweet double cameo with mini-prints emphasized to show detail.

Double heart cameo.

seafaring sketchbook journal!

The moss was dry of dew and rain so I was able to photo this sweet new treasure (perfect for recording all your ramblings and/or doodles!) Hand-stitched felt goodness (and calico papers!) custom bookplate and mini print inside (not to mention the little fox on the cover!) Up for grabs in my shop.


The fall makes my eyes wander, making a wish list of pretty, earthy textured things (and in colors I normally wear all year).

This sweet nubby brown capelet by Deciduous Soul.

I am amazed by Lady Lavona’s shop. She sells such strange things. I am in love with this antique sterling silver neck piece, which has an “S” engraved upon it too. There’s a little apothecary bottle hanging from it which really opens.

The texture organic forms and colors in Irregular Expressions work are so perfect.

These slipper boots are hand-knit and look so warm! They have felted fern leaf details, swoon! By Felted Finery.

I am obsessed with the vintage section on Etsy. It’s funny to come across a vintage skirt I already have! I love this skirt so much I should buy a duplicate, but it’s up for grabs! I think it’s the piece of clothing I have owned the longest (bought it maybe 9 years ago at a thrift shop) and its so super soft and warm! Patchwork velveteen on an a-line, in Ruby Bandicoot’s Shop:

I saw this ring featured on the Etsy homepage and I can’t get it out of my mind! Silvery birch-bark for your fingers by E S Designs. Her organic-shaped silvery jewelry is so inspiring.

A autumn-y inspired wool felt scarf to wrap around one’s chilly neck by Purl Hand Knits.

And last but not least, the best shoes on Etsy, by Kalia Footwear.

Its raining here and so cold (and very cozy) I think I’ll light some candles. Have good weekends, all!

new little thing

This is new in my shop today! A miniature plaque adorned with One Misty Morning, hand-painted anchors and velvet ribbon. It comes wrapped snug-as-a-bug in the vintage fabrics shown. I’m not sure if this is a one-off or not. I need to put my time into some new paintings and these little projects occupy my time so (but they are so much fun to make as they are to photo!)

I love how it looks hanging from a tree!

still dreaming of sea things

Even though we are in the last days of Summer, I find myself still sea-obsessed. And this cute little find didn’t help to relieve my obsession one bit. It’s a sailboat mug that houses a few of my brushes and palette knives perfectly.

When I brought it home I discovered a kitchy little mermaid on the handle. She’s a bit cheesy I think.

It has been a very busy week, and now the weekend calls for rain (which is good because I’ll be snug indoors painting and sewing!) I have some things I have been waiting all week to work on, including some sewing projects for myself. I was able to make some cute little things for the shop which will be updated sometime tomorrow, so check back! Mostly mini-prints, ready to hang, sent to the lucky buyer all wrapped up in vintage velveteen and lace. The one below will have some hand-painted details added to the wood.

I have been thinking about putting more little-ish things in my store, mainly ready to hang printettes mounted on wood with hand-painted details.

And finally, I just had to add this little scrimshaw-inspired detail to my sketchbook closure before it was sent out into the world (and over the sea!) There’s another teeny-tiny ship on the other side and two anchors as well.

Friday bliss to everyone!

pack your suitcase with pretty things…

One beautifully soft sketchbook/ journal with creamy white pages is now available in my shop!

The journal itself was purchased by me awhile ago and is approx 4.75″ by 6.5″ closed. It’s called the Italian Luxury Leather Journal and is described as such by the manufacturer…

With buttery soft leather, 144 sheets of beautiful acid-free, cream, chain line, laid paper and wooden slide book closure system with leather ties. Superb, deluxe paper, a fine sketch book should have high quality paper. This cream paper comes from one of the world’s oldest paper houses. It is a classic paper of timeless beauty.

It’s a soft cover and a joy to hold! It one of those sketchbooks that just feels so good in the hands. I modified it to the theme of my painting One Misty Morning with a mini print on the outside and calico on the inside (along with a sweet custom, one-of-a-kind bookplate)…

I originally bought this for myself so it’s the only one of this type of sketchbook I’ll ever offer (I work on loose sheets of paper now or in a large bound book). It can be used as a journal as well, although the pages are blank. It even comes with two sweet originals on the first two pages. Here’s a little sneak-peek!

So draw in it, write love poems or folk tales, scribble, press flowers, whatever suits your fancy!

A locket ring

Oh, I am so excited about this (and will be very sad to see it go as my little finger was quite enjoying its adornment amongst the moss and feathers!)

It’s a terrific vintage cameo ring with snippets (in mini-print form!) of my painting The Woodcutter’s Daughters. A red-winged blackbird graces the outside of the ring, while the two sisters hide away inside (and await your opening of the locket to sneak a peek at them from time to time!)

This one-of-a-kind vintage ring is available in my shop.