pack your suitcase with pretty things…

One beautifully soft sketchbook/ journal with creamy white pages is now available in my shop!

The journal itself was purchased by me awhile ago and is approx 4.75″ by 6.5″ closed. It’s called the Italian Luxury Leather Journal and is described as such by the manufacturer…

With buttery soft leather, 144 sheets of beautiful acid-free, cream, chain line, laid paper and wooden slide book closure system with leather ties. Superb, deluxe paper, a fine sketch book should have high quality paper. This cream paper comes from one of the world’s oldest paper houses. It is a classic paper of timeless beauty.

It’s a soft cover and a joy to hold! It one of those sketchbooks that just feels so good in the hands. I modified it to the theme of my painting One Misty Morning with a mini print on the outside and calico on the inside (along with a sweet custom, one-of-a-kind bookplate)…

I originally bought this for myself so it’s the only one of this type of sketchbook I’ll ever offer (I work on loose sheets of paper now or in a large bound book). It can be used as a journal as well, although the pages are blank. It even comes with two sweet originals on the first two pages. Here’s a little sneak-peek!

So draw in it, write love poems or folk tales, scribble, press flowers, whatever suits your fancy!

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  1. That’s a beautiful sketchbook! I see on Etsy that it’s already been snatched up too! I prefer working with a spiral bound book, but this would have tempted me greatly.

    Also, since you mentioned goats the other day I thought you might like to see the cover of the vintage copy of Heidi my father bought me when I was a little girl. It is here on Flickr:

    Prancing goats everywhere!
    – Angelique

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