Porcelain Lust!

Every once in awhile I came across something so beautiful on Etsy that I have to share. I came across Maid of Clay because we were featured in the same treasury. It’s no wonder, I think our work compliments each other beautifulyl! I am so in love with these porcelain face pendants, I think they have secrets to tell….don’t you? Oh to hang one around one’s neck! My favorites:

Love is Blind Porcelain Pendant of Sterling Silver

Art Deco Woman Porcelain Pendant

Bathing Beauty Porcelain Pendant of 14 K Gold Filled Chain

All so beautiful.

11 replies on “Porcelain Lust!”

  1. Oh, those are lovely! This one is my favourite. Very curious. I can see how both of your creations paired together would make a lovely treasury. Thank you for sharing such lovelies, as always!

  2. Sarah – Thank you so much for this feature – I think you sent a couple of new customers my way! Your work is awesome and I’m thrilled to have been part of your blog 🙂

  3. Ohhhh, these are wonderful! I can see why you would adore them. I do, too. The blindfolded face reminds me of an old french painting where the subjects are playing blindman’s bluff. It’s quite erotic considering the single courtesans were required to wear low cut dresses. The painting inspired me to make a couple photographs a few years ago. And now this pendant – I want one!

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