Two new seafaring treasures

Captured these in the late afternoon sun of today! A journal and a necklace, both featuring Seafaring Heart.

The journal features some original sketches inside! Both available here.

It’s a large Moleskine sketchbook!

Cover adorned with an oval print of “Seafaring Heart”. Print is protected with a UV varnish.

Little collage of Seafaring fox and birds and sketch on first page.

Comes with a double-page spread of my original art!

Sweet double cameo with mini-prints emphasized to show detail.

Double heart cameo.

7 replies on “Two new seafaring treasures”

  1. oh my !!
    your dress is a delight !
    your notebook is perfection !
    and this necklace, is just heaven !!!!!! so kiddy-magic !!!
    i love your taste, delicate and natural

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