before the leaves started to turn (and before the snow)

As northeastern October days came and went, so did our pretty leaves. And a few late-turners are still in abundance. This autumn has felt like the longest ever. Ever. Everyday something new. Walks with leaf, acorn and twig collecting, all new discoveries shared with a one year old. One day we went to a favorite national historic park for a herb festival. Bought herb vinegars, jelly and bunches of fresh, just-cut basil for yummy home made pesto. Walked through a Revolutionary War herb garden next to a 1700’s homestead surrounded by fields, apple orchards and quince trees. Such a dreamy, inspiring October place. The garden was just overflowing with fresh herbs and flowers. Above all the plants, a rich magenta and oh-so-velvety coxcomb was begging to be seen.

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