lemon balm and mint (and lemonade too)

Keeping busy making summertime concoctions, as well as drying herbs for fall’s tea-time weather. I made some refreshing vanilla-infused lemonade from organic lemons the other day (my little one wanted to help until he realized how sour the lemons were). But to me it was so delicious!

Yesterday I decided to harvest some mint and lemon balm from my mothers herb garden. It was so relaxing to be in the sun shine with the bees and monarch butterflies. I made these into a few bunches and they are now hanging upside down to dry (their sweet smell filling my little studio room.) I can’t wait to see how my handcrafted tea blends turn out. I think I am going to store them in old mason jars with pretty hand-drawn illustrated labels.

And thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post (about leaving my job). So far this summer has been such bliss, I couldn’t be happier.

A side note-recently I have been snapping photographs with my iphone, which is quick and ok but I really, really need to start using my real camera again:)

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  1. oh yum! how fun! Hehe, I remember when my girl was really tiny she wold chew on lemons and her little face would scrunch up from how sour they were…but she just couldnt resist. She had to keep on chewing 😉

    I have some lemon balm that I’m trying to keep alive through this heatwave. Some nice tea with it sounds good though! I should make some for this evening.

    So glad your summer is going blissfully! cant wait to see what creations you make in this new special time!

  2. I wish I had an herb garden to harvest from. Mine is so tiny right now! The heat killed off the herb garden that was gifted by my mother in law, so I had to start over.

    I had the same thought about storing tea in mason jars with pretty labels. Ah, soon!

    And I’ve been right there with you, tempted by the ease of taking pictures with the phone, but they don’t always come out so nice. Also, the photos have a digital imprint of information in them, such as location, which someone on the internet could read if they knew what they were doing. I’d rather not post such info to the ‘net, so back to the camera it is!

  3. That sounds summery perfect! Let us know how the tea turns out. You have me wishing that I had planted more herbs in pots on the balcony this summer. Ah well…next summer!

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