in the woods, treasures abound

Went for a rather long foresty walk this morning, sipped my morning coffee and daydreamed about colors and painting ideas. The way the morning light hits golden on the trees is such a sight! But the best thing of all about walking alone in the woods at an early hour is looking for the littlest treasures (and other signs of fairy-ish enchantment).

There were sweet, mushroom like “pipes” that grow in mossy areas. When I was little I called them dwarf pipes. Do you know what they are called?

And to my amazement they formed a fairy ring in one tree-covered area of the ground!

I was gathering feathers and such for my collection. The best one from today, scanned.


The little hollow-stump home was perfect, it even had a garden of moss outside it’s door. And a few feet away from the stump was a lone (and very forgotten) grave stone from the 1850’s.

Pretty mushroom formation in the moss.

And a snail I could not get to come out of his shell (I wanted to see his slimy antennas!)

Lastly, a very inspiring Etsy find that I own. I just love the intricate, folksy (and very storybook) woodland border. I think it’s strange how she is inside a magnifying glass.

Now I am back to an afternoon of painting!

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