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waking up to this every morning was quite nice

And because you have inspired me with all your sweet comments on my old bedroom…
The staircase leading to the dining room below my old little bedroom featured in a snippet of a photograph a few posts ago.

See the bay window with the rosemary plant? The tiny space and the bay window mirror the bedroom above!

So many times I have come down these steps imagining I was back in time, say 1850 when the house was built. I heard the family used to have parties and dancing in this room. I can only imagine what it was like.

And here’s the whole dining room (my second favorite room in the house!) View from the staircase

What a lovely room my mom has created! See the mantle? A doctor lived in the house and was terrified of fire. He had all of the fireplaces blocked off. Another view: the staircase and bay window:

The colorful peacock wallpaper is the best, it graced the walls when my family moved in.

Because I just have to share here’s the bay window in the little bedroom that won my heart (I wish I could take down those frilly curtains as they conceal the most beautiful wavy stained glass!)

The perfect reading nook.

I have a secret I would like to share. The next post here will feature a really super giveaway. Please come back to visit soon.

Porcelain Lust!

Every once in awhile I came across something so beautiful on Etsy that I have to share. I came across Maid of Clay because we were featured in the same treasury. It’s no wonder, I think our work compliments each other beautifulyl! I am so in love with these porcelain face pendants, I think they have secrets to tell….don’t you? Oh to hang one around one’s neck! My favorites:

Love is Blind Porcelain Pendant of Sterling Silver

Art Deco Woman Porcelain Pendant

Bathing Beauty Porcelain Pendant of 14 K Gold Filled Chain

All so beautiful.


Stopping to observe simple, favorite little things from “home” this past weekend:

? subtle touches of pinks and violets

? ice on antique windows

? wild turkey feathers

? dusty collections on windowsills

? dotted swiss on snow

And the 2nd photo (with the green bed) was one of my bedrooms in the house. For a big Victorian farmhouse it’s the sunniest, smallest room imaginable with a huge bay window and stained glass that colors the wide-planked floor with sunbeams. It’s a perfect room for cuddling up with a book or writing in a journal. I was in love with violets and I picked out the wallpaper. It’s still the prettiest I’ve seen! When I moved out my mom hung herbs to dry from the ceiling because it gets so warm. Although I could only fit a bed and a small dresser, it’s still my dream room!


It was a very cold weekend…

for walking, wandering, collecting pine cones. Didn’t get around to ice skating. The unexpected snow kept falling down. Too, too cold (four below?!).
But I tried.
And today, it was warm (the 20’s!) I went outside and walked five miles. I had to get out!

wildly romantic

A snippet of a painting in progress that is slowly being born from my sketch in Monday’s post.

And from yesterday’s photo of the tree-adorned hallway is the outside of the cottage, photo taken from an insanely quaint curved bridge made of fieldstone…

A victorian riverside cottage that was redone in the 1930’s (two amazing aesthetic eras in my opinion!)
that we were lucky enough to step foot in! Crazy beautiful!

through the hallway

We happened to visit the most magnificant, quaint (and very abandoned) summer cottage. It was the dreamiest little abode that I have ever set foot in! This is the main hallway in the cottage…

A forest of hand painted trees adorned the hallway (and to get to the hallway we had to go through a door that resembled a bookshelf!) The lamp hanging overhead made it perfect! I can’t even begin to describe the rest of the home, which was basically untouched since the 1930’s or 40’s. Minks were in the closet. Luggage made a night stand for dusty books. And there were little bird chachkes stashed away in cupboards and antique blue glass bottles on windowsills.

And today, my father gave me three feathers he found laying in the snow. Look carefully and you will see a little spot of red blood (a hawk I presume).

Can anyone tell me which bird these feathers are from?! I have a few others of these kind and would love to know!

My swan portrait is currently half-complete. It’s resting (drying so I can add some glazes in the background and other little details). Today I decided to paint her a sister as well! She’s sketched out and is ready to transfer to another panel. The bulk of the second portrait will have to be completed over the weekend. Thanks much for all your comments on my other painting and sketches. I hope to reply tonight!
Good night all!

pondside and sketches

As the snow gently fell all weekend long I visited one of my favorite spots…

Saturday morning I spent some time by a pond in my favorite meadow.

I often marvel at these two swans, they are too beautiful for words and always in the water! With the ice and the snow falling it was quite serene.

Staying in was nice! I worked all weekend on my art, especially on a painting inspired by the above swans (and ships at sea too!). Here’s a little peek at the initial sketch in my giant sketchbook:

Other musings, pondside:

Writing on ice.

Do you what bird builds a nest so low over water? (the white you see in the background is the frozen-over pond.) I’d love to know the name of the bird!

And I am so eager to work more on my paintings this afternoon! Have a beautiful day!

a new finished painting

Finished Pulling on Our Ribbons and Hair the other night and it’s finally dry!

A print is available in my shop.

There’s lots and lots of little detail. Take a look!

A journal

I know it’s way, way way too early to grasp the idea of spring (no do I want to just yet as I enjoy the seasons!) but coincidentally this recent treasure has memories of March stashed away inside…

I am soooo excited to offer this journal with original sketches!

the outside cover

Please do see the original listing for all the details!

I am such need of finishing this painting tonight. It’s calling me!

One last locket….

This is the last of my found stash, it’s a vintage-inspired black metal locket that I strung from an antique piece of lace. So fitting for this cold winter day here in the northeast, it includes a little print of my painting The Curious Fox. Available here.

and the locket closed…

I was walking though a very dense thicket of wild rose hips and blackberry bushes looking for birds nests (and of course there were too many thorns to allow me to reach in and swipe a few). I found this nest, all filled to the brim with red berries!

Some little critter is using it to hold it’s winter berries!

Have a beautiful day everyone!