One last locket….

This is the last of my found stash, it’s a vintage-inspired black metal locket that I strung from an antique piece of lace. So fitting for this cold winter day here in the northeast, it includes a little print of my painting The Curious Fox. Available here.

and the locket closed…

I was walking though a very dense thicket of wild rose hips and blackberry bushes looking for birds nests (and of course there were too many thorns to allow me to reach in and swipe a few). I found this nest, all filled to the brim with red berries!

Some little critter is using it to hold it’s winter berries!

Have a beautiful day everyone!

8 replies on “One last locket….”

  1. Oh no … I’ve been waiting for this one since I saw it in your old post …
    And it’s gone, already ! It’s so frustrating to live in a country with such a jet lag !

    I utterly adore nests and this little nest filled with red berries, in a snowy land, absolutely delights me !

    x x x

  2. Oh sooo beautiful! I like the black locket and your print inside it makes it part of a fairytale. And look at that bird’s nest! Aren’t you lucky to find it! I once found a nest made entirely out of twigs and the thin strip of plastic wrapping off cigarette packages. It was amazing.

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