waking up to this every morning was quite nice

And because you have inspired me with all your sweet comments on my old bedroom…
The staircase leading to the dining room below my old little bedroom featured in a snippet of a photograph a few posts ago.

See the bay window with the rosemary plant? The tiny space and the bay window mirror the bedroom above!

So many times I have come down these steps imagining I was back in time, say 1850 when the house was built. I heard the family used to have parties and dancing in this room. I can only imagine what it was like.

And here’s the whole dining room (my second favorite room in the house!) View from the staircase

What a lovely room my mom has created! See the mantle? A doctor lived in the house and was terrified of fire. He had all of the fireplaces blocked off. Another view: the staircase and bay window:

The colorful peacock wallpaper is the best, it graced the walls when my family moved in.

Because I just have to share here’s the bay window in the little bedroom that won my heart (I wish I could take down those frilly curtains as they conceal the most beautiful wavy stained glass!)

The perfect reading nook.

I have a secret I would like to share. The next post here will feature a really super giveaway. Please come back to visit soon.

26 replies on “waking up to this every morning was quite nice”

  1. *sigh*
    please tell your mom I’m moving in. I will be very quiet, promise!
    I’ve been wishing so much for an old home like this to call my own. Just havent found the right one.

    I’ve also heard that people used to block off their fireplaces as a sign of prominence– I guess when furnaces became en vogue people didnt want others to think they were so low as to have to use a fire place for heat. Now, I love them! I would love to have a fireplace in a colonial style kitchen…

    1. Thanks Julianna!
      I spent some time trying to find the manufacturer of this wallpaper…It’s a repro from awhile ago but I’ve seen the exact print before in photos. I can’t remember where!

  2. I saw your artwork (awe inspiring) on etsy and followed its trail to your blog. What a beautiful place to come ‘home’ to visit your parents…it looks calm…and conforting…

  3. Oh how I love Victorian era houses ! (and … everything else Victorian, as a matter of fact !)
    Your mother’s house is wonderful and I love the story of that Doctor who was afraid of fire !

    It is so great when you can share things with your mum such as decorations tastes … I sure do and feel myself pretty lucky for that !

    And * O H * L A * L A * I can’t hardly stand the wait to see what the giveaway is gonna be !!!

    x x x

  4. Wow, amazing to see where you come from, in every sense of the word. One can really see your past reflected in your artwork. Beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful home! My dream is to live in an old house like that one day. They are so full of character and have a history. The wallpaper is lovely! It’s always so special to see an old home with antique or antique-inspired wallpaper, and so very rare that people don’t pull it down or paint over it.
    Thank you yet again for sharing! I am so charmed by your lovely writing and pretty photographs.

  6. Oh my gosh! This is a real house! At first I thought you had created a perfect dollhouse – everything is so pretty and organized! – and this is REAL! 🙂

  7. i would almoooooooooost sell my soul for that wallpaper….i loved seeing those pictures–thank you for sharing!! and i’ve been sooooo enjoying your blog i gave you one of those award-y things 🙂 details are on my blog, just fyi 🙂 have a great day and make sure your mom knows how lovely and warm her home is!!!!

  8. I love your site!! What wonderful talent you have…You have inspired me greatly…
    I know this is a very old page I am on right now but had to read each one I am so enjjoying your journey through your art and your life….
    my favourite animal is the rabbit….I love bunnies and pussycats, lol….and I am now trying to draw hares…love the primitive…

    I will be following your journey all the time…thank you so much for sharing..

    btw…I loved your little bedroom in your old Victorian home but hope you love your new home too….the houses/cottages and scenery are just beautiful…and I wished I lived in your part of the world…it is incredible.

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