rainy sunday

Became completely, totally absorbed in my painting today, listening to the soft raindrops outside the window. What a feeling and a terrific, productive Sunday! When I was finished with the long painting session I had paint all over my hands, arms, legs, and a glob between my toes! Afterwards was flipping though a neat old book of poetry called the Windflower Home Companion which I am smitten over (it was a dusty thrift shop find) and decided to scan some of the faded pages and made a few raindrop-inspired memory pages. And now the rain has stopped and I can hear Katydids, which are twice as nice. And the air is a chilly, cardigan-wearing kind of cool and damp which makes me daydream about being in Maine or anywhere New England for that matter. We didn’t make it up there this year and I am feeling a little bit of a loss.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! There’s still PLENTY of time to enter, as I am doing the drawing at 5:00 Eastern time this Friday!

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