Welcome November!

The days are starting to be quite chilly! The leaves are blowing off the trees, leaving October behind. I have been in a slight state of hiding…

Things to occupy the time

♥ handwriting dreams, inspirations and art ideas in my sketchbook
♥ eating lots of peppermints
♥ playing in my art journals with fragments of lace, torn pages from old books and paint
♥ browsing in junk shops and finding the most whimsical things
♥ going through my stash of old fabrics and finding velvets and embroideries 100 years old
♥ working on a painting I started a year and a half ago…and taking it in a completely different direction!
♥ making little wool doo-dads for my shoes from felt and vintage buttons
♥ being excited about wearing lush, wintery layers of wool, corduroy and velvet…. and most of all, tights!
♥ being inspired by the wind and cold and spending lots of time outdoors

And here are some pictures of my recent endeavours…

found things and the most beautiful tidbit of velvet

my “new” vintage spectator shoes with an embelishment I made from 1940’s materials- buttons and fabric clipped from an old patchy quilt

my most favorite, softest skirt

found vinage tin with wonderful folksy winter designs

And I am absolutely thrilled I hit 100 sales in my esty shop the other day! Thanks to all of my customers who buy and support my art prints! I would not be motivated to do anything without you!

12 replies on “Welcome November!”

  1. what an inspiring group of images….so lovely! I wish the leaves changed here….le sigh….but it has been cooler and even cold in the mornings….so I’m a happy Novemberling,indeed! Congrats on your Etsy milestone!! Your work is wonderful! : )

  2. The spectator shoes and your embellishments are so lovely!! You have perfect taste!! 🙂
    I am feeling like wearing lush clothing too and those tricky folks from Anthro have sent me another one of their beguiling catalogs for me to drool over. If only I had an extra bunch of money laying around. 😉

  3. Sweet Girl, I love your list. It is just the kind of list that makes you so special!! Send a bit of cold my way… It is still flip flop weather here. And, although flip flops are fun to run in the mud in, they are not so cute & magical to wear… Yipppppeee for 100 sales!!!! xxo

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