summertime is upon us!
had a fun time in my parents giant backyard around the fire. This is my favorite place.

toasting yummy marshmallows

there are bears in this backyard! and dandelions!

empty wheel barrell hauling wood for the fire. 1850’s house in the background. I loved living here.

porch and mom’s pretty garden and kitty

putting it on the map…a beautiful part of the northeast

new treasures

and this, another layer

14 replies on “Mountain”

  1. Lovely pictures, as usual. Isnt living in an antique wonderful? Our house was built in 1886, and in true Victorian style, its big and beautiful and serves as a giant time machine. I do wish we had property like your parents do, but alas, beach town!

  2. What a lovely home! I too would have savored many a fun time in that lovely house. Seems like you had a great time. 🙂
    Love your new little treasures…and that painting looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Shall that be available in your shoppe soon?

    1. thanks Theresa! I have a new print of a painting I am putting up for sale this weekend. But this one, well, it needs more layers of paint and can not have my attention right now:(
      Have a great weekend!

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