sailing away on a sweet sea of petals

Sunday was such spring bliss! I think I brought 100 petals inside. I was covered in them!
Really, pink is my least favorite color, but the softness and sunspots on the petals were perfect. So I have a tiny, tiny spot in my heart for pink.


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18 Responses to sailing away on a sweet sea of petals

  1. Casey says:

    how lovely!!!!! I adore when the trees shed their blossoms and it’s like the world is covered in petal-snow… :) unfortunately, we had such bad storms over the weekend, that all the last blooms were blown away. *sigh*

    have a lovely Wednesday!!!

  2. ~Heather~ says:

    wow, those petals are sooo beautiful! lovely photos~

  3. Ulla says:

    I would NEVER have guessed that pink was your least favorite color… Lovely photos!

  4. Lindy says:

    Gorgeous photos! :)

  5. merle says:

    Ooh, what gorgeous photos! Love the petals and I love your sandals too! How fantastic!

  6. iHanna says:

    magic photos, so so beautiful!

  7. Oh what lovely, lovely pictures!

  8. Chantal says:

    Utterly… simply… stunning photos!

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