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Had such an amazing time at the festival! We did everything that fairies do…meandered in the woods in a magical maze, ate yummy fairy food, frolicked in the fields, sat in the warm sunshine, watched bubbles…was such a blissful day!

Roadtrip! After a very long ride I was so happy to finally be outside!

Bubbles and gathering up some magic…

The path to the festival

I came home feeling creative and inspired by all the energy and wanting to bake some sort of flower petal filled cake!

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  1. I was just catching up on so many of your beautiful posts! From fairies to beautiful GIANt leaves, I am certain you live in a magical place! Your work is beyond words as well!! Hugs from the non greenish place, Arizona 🙂 Your neck of the woods makes me long for rain and green…

  2. I love going to renaissance festivals. We went to one in England that included the dark ages, faeries and everything historic from the land of the Celts. I had the best time. This looks like a lot of fun.

  3. im not so into pink either but its that time of the year when those trees (cherry blossom?, im still not sure) are in bloom and they are sooooo pretty. when i have my own house oneday I’ll have my entire backyard full of them

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