Locket giveaway!

I was looking into history of the locket and I am pleasantly surprised that they date way before the victorian age. I have a few at at hand and decided it was…

Giveaway time of course!

Last night I made a sweet, sweet locket with mini prints of two of my paintings, One Misty Morning and One Misty Evening …paired together in a giant brass locket which I tied with a vintage snippet of lace and little pink button! It would look so cute around your neck with a pretty blouse or dangling from the wall on an antique hook, mini art!

So precious and totally FREE to one of my lucky readers! All you need to do is imagine that you are a very fashionable woman from a few hundred years ago (and if I know you gals this is NOT a difficult task!) and tell me which pictures of loved ones you would put in your locket and why. They can be loved ones from the present of past…whichever you choose. I will put all the names together and do the drawing in my trusty robin’s-egg-blue kettle pictured here. Oh, I can’t wait to hear about your loved ones, and furthermore I can’t wait to mail one of you a very special gift! Contest ends Friday, January 25th.


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  1. I would definitely put pictures of my current corgi, Sully and my past corgi, Penny in it! Penny taught me so much about love and dogs and training back in high school and now Sully is reaping the benefits! It’s not that I don’t have human loved-ones, just probably not ones that I would carry in a locket with me. 🙂

  2. For one side of the locket, I would go back in time and have a daguerreotype made of my parents before my father died. On the other side of the locket, I would have a daguerreotype of my sister and me so that when the locket closed we would be a complete family!

  3. On one side of the locket, I would include a picture of my departed father, who left me due to illness when I was fourteen. I would keep him there always to remember that I was a treasure to him as a little girl and as a reminder that I must continue to keep him alive in my memory. On the other side, I would place a picture of the other man in my life, my sweet Brent, who I cherish as both a best friend and lover.

  4. On one side of the locket, I would include a picture of my departed father, Larry, who left me due to illness when I was fourteen. I would keep him there always to remember that I was a treasure to him as a little girl and as a reminder that I must continue to keep him alive in my memory. On the other side, I would place a picture of the other man in my life, my sweet Brent, who I cherish as both a best friend and lover.

  5. On one side of the locket, I would have a picture of my grandfather when he was a young man. He passed away in 1998, only a month before my middle school graduation. He was such a kind and loving grandfather & I miss him every day.
    The other side of the locket would contain a picture of my fiance. We’ve been the dearest of friends since I was in high school. We were co-workers at my first job, and eight years later are engaged to be married. He’s my best friend…always so patient and supportive.

    There are many wonderful people in my life, but these are two that have had such an impact. They would have gotten along so well, so it’s only fitting that they share a locket together, always close to my heart. 🙂

    (greyeyedpixie @ LiveJournal)

  6. This is so beautiful!
    I have been wanting a locket in which to wear a picture of both my best friend, a girl who picks me up when I fall always and without whom life would not be complete, There is a picture I took of her which I love, she is wearing her “I can see right through you” look and when I look at the picture it reminds me to watch myself, not do stupid things that might get me hurt because my life is bound to another life, and what hurts me will hurt her.
    on the other side I would wear a picture of someone who hurt me a long time ago, this seems silly carrying pain around with you everywhere but seeing this picture would make me strong, remind me that sometimes even our best intentions leave us crying on the floor, and remind me that I have no regrets, that I lead with my heart and while it hurts, it is always worth it.

  7. The locket is so breathtaking. Wow.

    On the right, I’d put a picture of my boyfriend who lives in completely different continent as me. We’ve been together for 3 years and strangely enough, we’ve never met. We’re planning to in a few months and we’re both so excited. But yes, I’d put a picture of him on the right side.

    On the left side, I’d put a small piece of a map, to symbolize the distance between us and to also represent how far we’ve come – no oceans could possibly separate us.

    This is such a nice thing to do. Thanks.

  8. I would place a photograph of my husband Randy on one side. We started dating when he was 15 and I was 16, and have been together for 10 years now (married for 4 years this May). The other side of the locket would have to stay empty until our first child is born. Our baby is due the beginning of June, and we should find out if it’s a boy or girl this week!

  9. Lucky me, Locket giveaway chances 🙂 Well, I would put my grandmother and my great grandmother’s photos in a locket so pretty. Why? Well, I feel both of them have given me so much. One has bestowed the love of crochet and knitting upon me. But, let me tell you, this was intricate silk work, tea stained and marvelous. The other, the love of stories. Stories never ending. Both forming bits and pieces of me. In their own way… xo, V

  10. i know exactly exactly who i would put in the locket!

    it would be my father’s brother–my uncle jimmy–who died tragically in 1991 and was an innocent, sweet, generous loving soul. and my mother’s brother, kent, who died terribly early when he was only 11 from an aneurism and we never knew him, but i’ve heard i remind a lot of people of him. two precious uncles i wish i knew today but feel lucky they are my heritage 🙂

  11. I would put pictures of my most precious friends in my locket.

    The first would be of my best friend Josh. He died two years ago in a car accident. Though most I know think little of him. I keep him alive in my heart. When I’m feeling terribly, I think fondly of my old friend and know that he would want me to be happy.

    The second photo would be one of my current best friend. He is a very brave man who joined the army. I like to think that if I keep him in my heart, he will be safe.

  12. hello dear,
    on one side i would have a picture of my dear grandfather harvey. He was magical and whimsical and i miss him dearly.
    on the other side i would put the sonogram picture of the dear little baby growing in my womb. The past and the future. I hope my grandfather would like being so close to his little great grand-daughter or great grand-son.


  13. I would put my dear grandmother on one side. She died 10 yrs ago and I miss here. I would put my dh on the other as he is the one that got me back on my feet again. Because of him, I have my own art studio!

  14. Hi Sarah!
    A vintage locket with your artwork inside is such a fantastic treat!! What an amazing giveaway!!
    I would put my mother on one side, she passed away 9 years ago. On the other side I would put a picture of my nephews. There’s a portrait I have of my mom where she is colorized in a painting sort of way- must have been the thing in the 60s or so. I would match the boys in that style as well and wear them all close to my heart.
    I hope you have a lovely day!

  15. What a lovely locket! I love the lace bow and button detail, and your paintings look adorable in it, Sarah!

    I am one of those lucky people who is often with the people I love, but not always in the places I love. On the left/top side of the locket I would put a picture of the pier in Newport Beach, California, where I spent all of my high school summers with my girlfriends. On the right/bottom side I would put a picture of Baker Tower at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, to remind me of everything and everyone I love there.

  16. on the right side I would put a picture of my parents, they have always been there for me and family means so much to me.. On my left side my husband, he just means the world to me!! I love him soooo much:). But if I won the locket I would just keep your lovely prints in there instead and hang it on my walls:)

  17. What a beautiful idea and a wonderful giveaway! I adore lockets as they are a way to keep someone or something close to your heart. I would have to say I would put a picture of my father who died in 2004 on one side, as my life has never been the same without him and little things like this hold him close and dear. On the other side, I would put a picture of one of my nieces who died 10 years ago, less than a month after she was born to SIDS. She was a special little one and we had her for far too short of time but we were so blessed by the time we had with her. I’d probably also tuck a piece of my own daughter’s baby hair in there somehow as well. I am very sentimental.


  18. okay, i try my best to project my thoughts into a lady living some centuries ago…

    well, on the left side i would put a photo or drawing of my man, wearing a hat and an extremly exaggerated beard. he’d be smiling slightly, but not too much, so his gentleman-ness doesn’t get lost. on the other side, there would be a perfectly arranged old-fashioned family photo with all my brothers and sisters on it (actually, i only have a brother). i imagine it would be really beautiful, but probably not as beautiful as your paintings.

  19. Hello Sarah,

    On the left side, I would put the photograph of Arthur Rimaud, my favorite poet (or even better an imaginary portrait of Arthur wearing his famous lop-side tie as in Carjat’s photograph together with Peter Pan, my other favorite poet).

    And on the right side, I would put one of the two Emilys (Brontë or Dickinson – they are my favorite girl-poets…or even better an imaginary portrait of the two girls together, Emily B. wearing a black and strict English dress, emily wearing a white and strict American dress).

    But there are so many people, living or dead, real or maginary (what does that word mean? I don’t know…when someone makes you cry or dream or laugh, when he/she stays in your heart and soul each and every hour, how can one say he or she is imaginary?) that would be worthy of it!

    Maybe the best thing to do would be to put two littel broken mirrors inside the locket : they would thus reflect the whole world in all its aspects, and the crowd composed of all the loved ones could find its place in there!

  20. hello sarah;

    i love this locket!
    if i had one of my own i would keep a photo of my grandfather in one side. he worked SO hard for my family and unfortunately died fairly young. he never complained about his health, and no one knew how much he was actually hurting.
    in the other side i would keep a photo of my son. his middle name is my grandfather’s first name. he was born shortly after my grandfather passed– it made my family & i so sad that he could never see or hold his first great-grandchild.
    both my son and grandfather provide great inspiration and hold extremely important places in my heart.

    thank you for the chance to own one of your creations!

  21. When it comes to letting my mind wander to another time in history, I would have to linger on over to the late Georgian period. The romantic illusion of Mary Shelly and the Bronte Sisters can easily loose me in a daydream.
    So, my precious locket would consist of a minature painting of my husband, done by his own hand in Georgian costume for he is the light in my heart.
    On the other side, I would ask Jane Austen herself to do a sitting for my locket. Of all the classics in the English literature, it’s the work of Jane Austin that I do find truly inspiring.

  22. What a beautiful locket and idea for a give-away.
    I’ve have not been close to too many family members, sad to say. It’s a long story that only a psychologist might be interested in hearing. The only person with whom I have always been myself is my young son. So I would put his picture in one side and on the other side I would put my husband who loves me even though I can be difficult to live with and sometimes aloof.

  23. Aww, this is lovely, and you are so kind. I don’t know if I would put pictures of people in it. Maybe a photo of the ocean, or a drawing with my sister’s name in it. I would rather be secretive and symbolic about it.

  24. I have been looking everywhere for a really fabulous locket because my boyfriend’s mother shoewd me the cutest picture of my boyfriend when he was in kindergarten – he looked just like Dennis the Menace! I would put both mind and his kindegarten pictures in the locket. I just think that would be so cute!

  25. i just discovered your beautiful art on etsy and had to stop by to say hi! your prints (and the locket) are really lovely!

    i have a teeny tiny locket that my cousin gave me a couple of years ago. she put in 2 pictures of my boys: my husband paul and my cutiepie poochie named noah! hee it makes me so happy!

    i’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that i’ll win yours!!

  26. Lovely-lovely piece.

    In one side, I would put a picture of my husband’s eye and on the other, I would wait for our first child and put a photo his/her eye, In French, we have an expression when we talk about a loved one, and it’s « La prunelle de mes yeux». Humm, I’m not very good at litteral translation, but it means something along «very dear to my eyes». 🙂

  27. Lovely. Truly lovely!

    On one side, I would put a picture of my husband; a silly picture to remind me that no matter how irritated he may make me, he’s still the only one who can make me smile in the secret way. I would also go into the future and find out who my children would be and their image(s) would rest on the other side.

  28. Both of my grandfathers were in W W II, but on opposing sides. My German grandfather, Gunther, was in a U-boat, and the other, Otto, was an American foot soldier. Both were very complex men, and managed to build so much for themselves and their families despite post-war depression, hardships, etc. Later in life they became friends after being brought together by my parents. Both have since passed away, and I find myself feeling fascinated with the way they (and my grandmothers) lived their lives. I think I would put photos of my grandfathers in my locket so I can remember where I came from, and that sometimes really special things can happen to bring people together despite hardship and opposition.

  29. Oh! How gorgeous!!! If I were putting photographs into my locket, I would include my mother and father. It sounds rather cliche, but here is why:

    My mother left her job shortly before I was born, and spent the next two decades raising my sister and I. She did so many things for me: teaching me how to cook and run a household, homeschooling (and then subsequently unschooling) both my sister and I, encouraging us to let our imaginations run wild and never to loose that (even as an adult). She instilled a love of the old fashioned, put up with my during teenage years, and even when I seemed to push her away, she was waiting for me with open arms when I “came back home”. She has taught me to love unconditionally, how to put others before yourself, and never give up or give in. She is an extremely strong woman, who I admire more than anyone else.

    My daddy is a very wise man who has imparted his love of learning and curiosity about the world and philosophy. He has always been the pillar of strength in my life, able to reason through distressing situations, and helped me muddle through becoming an adult. He is also one of the most generous people that I know (besides his father… whom he inherited his generous spirit from!); and will give you the shirt off his back if need be.

    I am extremely close to my family, but my parents will always be special; not just because they are the ones who raised me and have always “been there” for me, but because they are two inspiring people who show great steadfastness of character and spirit!

    Ooops… this ended up being a bit of an essay instead of a quick response!! I’m in a bit of a wordy mood lately, so please excuse the ponderous amount of text!! Have a lovely Thursday and keep up your beautiful blogging! 🙂

  30. oh my, what a fantastic little treasure you have created!

    i must say, i am absolutely smitten with your recent work. i love how whimsical and dreamy your paintings are, i always feel as though i’ve been transported to some magical land from a big, dusty old storybook. you are quite something, miss sarah.

    in the locket, i would most certainly put a picture of my handsomely sweet hubby. and i know this is a bit out of the ordinary, but i would like to put a picture of myself from my childhood in the locket as well. i was such a spirited, adventurous young girl and i’d like to always carry with me a reminder that life is simple and beautiful and one should stop and pick honeysuckle or play with snails whenever one feels inclined. it’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and before you know it you’ve forgotten all the important things. i would like my locket to be a reminder of the lovely people and things in life.

  31. Oh you are so wonderful. This is such a beautiful idea.

    I would put a picture of my mother and grandmother. They are the two persons that have affected most in my life. My mother was so very young when she had me yet she is so strong and independent. She really has the courage to do things. I wish I was like her. I love her so much and she is like my best friend. I can tell her everything. I hope that I will have the same kind of relationship with my own child some day.

    The other picture in the locket would be from my grandmother. She is from my dad’s side of the family. She is the one who keeps the family together. She is the one who cooks us dinner wvery saturday evening. She is the one who takes care of us and puts us ahead of herself. I appreciate everything she has done in her life. I love the fact that she has always stories to tell and memories to share. I wish she wouldn’t worry so much and that she wouldn’t be so sad. She says that she is happy when we are but I wish that there was more in her life. I wish that there was something that I could do to make her happier and feel less ill.

  32. On one side of the locket I would put the picture of my grandmother. She have the the disease of Alzeihmer. She forgot everything about her entire life. So I want to place her memories in the locket to remember and make sure they are in safety somewhere.
    On the other side, I would keep empty because I want to leave place for the future and let enter in my life someone I will love truely.

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