Locket giveaway!

I was looking into history of the locket and I am pleasantly surprised that they date way before the victorian age. I have a few at at hand and decided it was…

Giveaway time of course!

Last night I made a sweet, sweet locket with mini prints of two of my paintings, One Misty Morning and One Misty Evening …paired together in a giant brass locket which I tied with a vintage snippet of lace and little pink button! It would look so cute around your neck with a pretty blouse or dangling from the wall on an antique hook, mini art!

So precious and totally FREE to one of my lucky readers! All you need to do is imagine that you are a very fashionable woman from a few hundred years ago (and if I know you gals this is NOT a difficult task!) and tell me which pictures of loved ones you would put in your locket and why. They can be loved ones from the present of past…whichever you choose. I will put all the names together and do the drawing in my trusty robin’s-egg-blue kettle pictured here. Oh, I can’t wait to hear about your loved ones, and furthermore I can’t wait to mail one of you a very special gift! Contest ends Friday, January 25th.


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