The past few nights have been spent painting…dreaming of vibrant gardens with made-up plants, lush mossy greens, garden dresses and imaginary fox. Here is just a small peek at part of the painting, which I hope to finish in a few more stretched-out sittings…maybe this weekend? The girls face need to be adjusted a bit…her eyes maybe. I spend so much time on my faces and sometimes I can’t see what I want to repaint until the scan. It’s usually somewhere in the eyes. For the support I used 30’s floral walpaper with magenta and blue blossoms glued to a panel. The wallpaper has a story all its own but I won’t get into that right now! And my previous post, yes, the objects were found behind my house but the picture of the moss was taken in a beautiful state park in upstate New York. We went hiking there this past weekend. I have another picture which showcases the flourishing wall of moss on a side hill. Love, love, love moss.

AND…there will be another giveaway very, very soon! One that is quite different than the others…

I am obsessing over vintage dresses. Ones with rich patterns and full skirts that can be layered. I just spent a long time over the sink washing out my newest finds. There’s something about hand washing that I enjoy. Tell me, which vintage shop is your favorite on etsy…or ebay…or anywhere for that matter?!

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