They Teach Me to Remember

First I would like to thank everyone who entered the locket contest. Such beautiful, touching people you all are! and your writings… I was amazed at the responces! Thank you.

There is still time! I plan to post the winner tomorrow night so please, don’t hesitiate to enter. I can’t wait to send off my little locket to one of you!

I have been spending my nights painting little scenes-within-scenes…stories, memories, imaginary places, animals. I painted They Teach Me to Remember with acrylics on a thick masonite panel with vintage wallpaper. I spent quite some time on her face, changing it a bit from the last time I posted. The whole piece of found wallpaper was hanging over my desk in my studio last year.

AND…Little by little I will be offering prints on canvas! This one is offerered in canvas AND fine art paper, in my shop. The title of the listing specifies paper or canvas.

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